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these illustrations from Lingvistov will make your day


Illustration are a endless source of inspiration. And I love the different styles of illustrations we find out there. You don’t need to browse too much to find something to match your mood. A few weeks ago I was telling a good friend of mine that I needed some wine. She sent me this cute illustration from Lingvistov and I loved it. Right away I knew I had to showcase their work here. Lingvistov was founded by Russian artists Landysh and Asia. And oh my their doodles are awesome. On their website you can find cards, stationary, books, clothing and much more. Everything is cute and fun. The artists have lots of creativity and a great sense of humor. Their illustrations will certainly make you happier and put a smile on your face.

We will show you a great selection of their cat related illustrations. But they have much more on their website. Lingvistov also illustrates dogs, coffee, wine and other witty everyday things. So check out their website. And please take your time to check out their about page to know more about how two linguistic graduates came together to create these unique artworks.

We are a team of creative people who can’t walk past a cute book shop, who love cats, art design, illustrations, and a good joke. Hey, who doesn’t? We live in Russia and professionally we’re not even close to designers or artists (Who cares about professions?! You’re born this way!). We are also not greedy businessmen/megalomaniacs/tycoons. We actually come from different educational backgrounds (one of us even has a stable job) but were lucky to find one thing that we love doing, which is creating unique gifts and illustrations that make people around us happy. We’re very enthusiastic about what we do and about our online gift shop!

The illustration my friend sent me

Cat Lovers Rejoice: these illustrations from Lingvistov will make your day

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