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The visual impact of professional graphic design services in all your marketing resources, from your logo and corporate branding to printed collateral material to web presence, determines your credibility in the marketplace.

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Your marketing needs are as unique as your business. Graphic Design is more than just an attractive logo, brochure or website. Generate the right message; communicate it through the right medium; punctuate it with professional graphic design.

Graphic Design Experience

As a graphic designer for over 15 years, I have provided professional graphic design services on a full spectrum of projects for a variety of businesses—on time and on budget. Contact Keekee for a free 30-minute phone consult today!

Recent News

  • Smooth UI Motion Design
    Fantasy is a human-centered UI & UX lab working with in-house teams since 1999 they are based in San Francisco and New York City. If you are like me and
  • Fridaymilk – Branding
    Fridaymilk – Branding abduzeedo Oct 31, 2016 Fridaymilk is a branding and visual identity project for an independent curating organization based over the Polar Circle which aims to develop culture and
  • Valaire – Set Design Case Study
    Valaire – Set Design Case Study AoiroStudio Nov 18, 2016 Let’s change the gear a little on Abduzeedo, how about some set inspiration? That’s a very rare term used on
  • Berlin Interiors – Architecture Photography
    Berlin Interiors – Architecture Photography abduzeedo Nov 17, 2016 Berlin Interiors is a photography project shared by Thibaud Poirier and by the title you have an idea what it is
  • Baugasm Poster Series
    Baugasm Poster Series AoiroStudio Nov 15, 2016 There is nothing more impressive than challenging yourself to create/make every single day. We are busy people with our lives, hobbies, etc and
  • NEXT Music Player App – UI/UX
    NEXT Music Player App – UI/UX AoiroStudio Nov 07, 2016 We’ve been seeing many app designs but we rarely see design with multiple languages. It’s quite a challenge! Knowing what
  • Stylish Illustration Work of Chris Reath
    Stylish Illustration Work of Chris Reath abduzeedo Oct 17, 2016 Chris Reath shared some incredible illustration work on his Dribbble profile most of them featuring strong contrast with some vibrant accent
  • Using Coupons to Drive Sales
    Deals are all around us, and savings are ripe for the taking. Coupons, particularly are everywhere – haunting your email inbox, floating through your text messages, and billowing out of
  • &Pizza – Packaging design
    &Pizza – Packaging design abduzeedo Oct 11, 2016 &Pizza is a packaging design and illustration project created by Futura for a Washington DC based chain restaurant famous for their crafted
  • BLOSSOM – Industrial Design
    BLOSSOM – Industrial Design abduzeedo Oct 10, 2016 BLOSSOM is an industrial design project for a concept product for the product brand LEXON. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker with 360 degrees
  • Design Blog
    I have decide to step my Design Blog game up. You can expect to see anything from art to entrepreneurship to UX design in this blog. You may even begin


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