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Graphic Design Inspiration: GRYFFIN’s album


Anxo Vizcaíno has been commissioned by Red Yellow Blue to create this collection of cover artworks for the first GRYFFIN’s album (Interscope Records). Under the concepts and creative direction of Jordan Miles Rosenheck, they designed a series of portals that “are metaphors for having access to anywhere and anything we want, because we’re made of everything”. Each piece is related to a track that has been released separately, previous to the main album ‘Gravity Pt. 1’ containing 6 songs and of which cover is the door to this GRYFFIN’s universe. They also went above and beyond, making a loopable animation for that one.

Personally, I am a fan of Anxo’s work. They have that space theme combined with a sort of surreal touch that you will find familiar to some of my early tutorials if you followed the blog since the first years. I highly recommend that you check out Anxo’s full portfolio at

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