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How can I even start talking about what we are all going through at global scale? If we think that a few months ago everything was fine and now it’s hard to see the end of the tunnel. I don’t want to sound too dramatic, the reality is that we are living in a unique period of time in our lives that will have a profound impact on pretty much everything. Add on top of that a super connected world with social media, 24/7 24h day news feeds, networks, fake news, elections, trade wars, stock crashes, new routine of working from home and the real impact on the economy in the short/medium term. All of that is a recipe for massive anxiety that can really affect us and everyone around us.

I have been struggling with anxiety all my life. The reasons are many, but one of the most common is the way I get stuck in thoughts that spiral out of control. With time I learned to control it by practicing sports or simply breathing, yeah you heard it right, breathing.

There are many breathing techniques, from simple ones to really popular ones like the Win Hoff method, however the simplest method for me has been the 4-7-8 which intends to calm and relax. Basically you inhale from your nose for 4 seconds, hold it for 7 and exhale from your mouth for 8 seconds. Super easy and I can assure you, very effective.

Last January I had switched from Android to iPhone and I was amazed by how many beautiful apps the iPhone had compared to Android for simple things like breathing exercises. I couldn’t believe that after all these years, this was still a reality. So I decided it was time to launch my first Android app.

Calmaria [ feminine ] /kɑʊma’ɾia/

In Portuguese means calmness, tranquility, calm. It’s often used by seaman and surfers to indicate that there are no waves in the ocean. That mood perfectly translates what this app intends to do, bring peace of mind and tranquility to your busy day to day life. Just breathe and relax.

This is my first Android app and it has been an eye opener for me. Building an Android app, testing, debugging, publishing and now promoting it here. One of the most important things I learned might seem obvious but it’s to set when it’s time to launch. When what you have is enough. I have so many ideas to make it better and I will but as once I learned “Done is better than Perfect.” 

Focus /
Breathe /
Relax /

I hope you enjoy it and put to practice during this unprecedented time we are all experiencing together. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to just breathe.

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