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Opera Adds TikTok Integration to Desktop Browser

TikTok is going to the Opera.

The privacy-focused web browser integrated with the video creation platform, adding a built-in TikTok feature to the sidebar on its desktop browser

The Opera browser is available on Linux, Mac and Windows and already contained several integrations with messaging and social media applications in its sidebar, and the company said that in a recent survey it conducted, 65% of respondents between 18 and 35 used TikTok, and a majority of them wanted to see it available via their desktop browser.

Opera product director Joanna Czajka said in a statement, “TikTok has developed from a platform full of short funny videos to a source of entertainment, news and inspiration. With this release, Opera is answering our users’ requests to have TikTok at their fingertips. Typically, people who have started using the messengers and social media platforms available through Opera’s sidebar do not want to go back to a world without them.

TikTok for the web enables users to consume its content on large displays, and the integration with Opera lets them, upload directly to the platform via the browser and edit their content on those large displays prior to posting.

Opera said its research found that globally, 86% of respondents who were active on TikTok use it to find entertainment, followed by news (35%) and to stay on top of trends (34%), adding that 40% of U.S. respondents used TikTok to search for information.

Czajka added, “While building our browsers, we don’t stop at following what is popular among our users, but also try to learn how, when and where people interact with those trending services or social media platforms. The next step in our design process is to figure out how a browser can participate in that in a way that brings the most value to our users. People focus on what they want to do, not on which device. Maybe someone wants to cook a great pasta dinner by watching a tutorial on TikTok. Having to unlock the phone with greasy hands every time it gets locked while cooking might result in the food or the phone landing on the floor. This is, of course, one specific use case where accessing TikTok on a laptop helps, but the possibilities are endless.”

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