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The Interior & Street Art of Base 23

Having spent my Christmas Holiday in Germany, I started paying attention to how the cities I visited were paying closer attention to graffiti and street art. It definitely gave an outlook that differentiates from the others. That was cool! Now back from holiday, I decided to feature artists and it wasn’t hard before I have found one. Here we are featuring the work from Base 23, an interior and street artist based in Berlin, Germany. I took the liberty to feature several of his latest projects and they are so vibrant in colors and creativity. I love the fact that the final result can show a different aspect based on the perspective.

The Interior & Street Art of Base 23

Susie Dropped Her Tablet

A Piece of Berlin

Gold and Silver

About Base 23

Base 23 is an artist based in Berlin, Germany and his source of inspiration are for his graffiti, his canvas works and his installations are very varied. Make sure to follow his work on Behance.

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