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Motion Design: Pepsi Fresh Campaign


ManvsMachine is a multidimensional creative studio with offices in London (UK) and Los Angeles (USA). They have recently released a superb motion design project for a Pepsi campaign spots entitled: Taste & Refresh. They were tasked to create a tangible connection between Pepsi and Music. Interesting approach where music tracks were made from the refreshing sounds of opening a Pepsi can and drinking a Pepsi. You should check out those videos below, hope you will enjoy! Now I am gonna go get a Pepsi, *sound of a can opening.

It was a great pleasure working with Adobe Creative Cloud for this reinterpretation of their logo. They are real flowers which I displayed over a styrofoam board base. A huge thanks to Florsani Floricola for these beautiful flowers.



Some Animated Stills

Breakdown Videos

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