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Raw Design Inspiration: Hand-picked on Dribbble

Inspiration is one of the biggest fuels in my everyday life. Whatever it is for life and work balance. That being said, inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. For me, I do enjoy a good surf on Dribbble. It’s all about how we consume our feeds, I noticed a shift of change from designers on sharing their work on Instagram. I might be an old-timer but I am not too keen on sharing work for likes and shares, I do enjoy the good ‘old’ Dribbble. It’s always gratifying and you usually do find something to spark your mind. Introducing abdz. ‘Raw Design Inspiration’ No theme. Pure and ‘raw’.

The concept of ‘Raw’ is to randomize what inspires me to kick off my week, maybe it could have the same effect on you. Perhaps it’s an homage to abdz. daily inspiration series, it’s an experiment, and we’ll see how it goes. If you do have a suggestion, you can submit your work.

By David Kovalev ◒

AppStore not flat 3d agency apple app appstore big sur brand branding icon figma icons iphone ios14 logo neumorphic neumorphism set skeumorphism skeumorphic unfold

By Louie Mantia

Magic Passport App Icon small world disney ios icons magic passport app icon disneyland

By Stripe

By alon_kelakon

chameleon vector e-sport sport design ilustrator coreldraw forsale good nice chameleon logo

By dudenas

By Zhenya Rynzhuk


Mandela Day mandela foliage trees table mountain landscape south africa protea nelson mandela madiba drawing graphic character texture illustration

By Stian ◒

By Tran Mau Tri Tam

UI8 3D Icon for Mac OS Big Sur application apple icon app icon 3d illustration illustration icon design render wallpaper ui icon design mac os icon user interface ui icon design 3d design big sur mac os 3d icon 3d ui8

By Filip Justić

BB - Company Deck pdf mockup ui ux design colors typography logo pitch deck brand visual identity branding company deck product design web design

By Eashin Arafath

New Soft 3D AppStore Icon Design trending icon design new trending logo d mark d logo d creative logo letter logo logo mark agency design ui brand identity designer branding logo designer logo app designer apps icon apple app appstore

By adiatma bani

Studio Website Design Exploration profile digital studio experimental typography experimental design consultant design firm agency studio

By warehouse_logo

s logo idea brand identity designs awesome logoawesome symbol monogram logo s abstract logo abstract illustration font initials identity icon designispiration graphicdesigner design brandmark branding

By Logo Templates

90's Vol2 Instagram Templates fashion blogger blog art digital design branding social media pack social media template social media posts stories instagram stories instagram banner instagram post instagram template instagram vintage retro 90s

By ?????? ℜ????

lite work typography branding fonts typeface blue yellow vector fun flat texture font type

By Fabian Krotzer

Logo Design Kyomio graphic design minimal typography modern designer design creativity creative logoinspiration logo design logotype logodesign logos logo

By Adam Johnson

Wit-Bellied Hedgehog

By Colin J Baker

Coffee Illustration tote branding chicago pattern illustration coffee

By Gustavo Zambelli

Light Breakfast? butter shadow light illustration coffee cup mug milk coffee bacon toast egg simple food gradient breakfast

By Jonas Mosesson

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