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Food Typography at its finesse with Danielle Evans

With the news vamping surrounded the Covid-19, precautions have been taken around the World to hopefully and somehow contain the spread. This has been affecting everything at the moment and when a time of uncertainty comes with a wave of support and kindness to one to another. It’s the key, that’s why we decided to push on Josh Laincz initiative (For Designers) to create a list of ‘designer in need of work where you find all the necessary information (role, competency, and links. I thought that was a genius idea and Abduzeedo wanted to support this idea too. We will be hand-picking designers, illustrators that were never featured on the blog but if they will need it for exposure so they can handle more views. Let’s make it happen now. Let’s meet Danielle Evans.

If you wanna add your credentials to the Designers in need of work list, please do so here.

About Danielle Evans

We have featured Danielle’s work before on ABDZ, for those who don’t know. She is a talented art director and designer based in Columbus, OH. She has worked with many brands (selected) LA Times, Disney, Target, TheGuardian, McDonald’s, (RED) campaign, Wix, Aria, Kellogg, Frito Lays, and more. As I quote, ‘she pioneered Food Typography’ back in 2013 and still today make us wonder how creative you can ever be.

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