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Minimalist Brand Identity Created from Golden Ratio

Yaiza Liébana. The brand identity for this psychiatric clinic relays on the layout created from golden ratio, which evokes classical aesthetic perfection and visual calm. This, altogether with the color palette, helps to generate a comfortable homelike feeling. The work was created and shared by Carles Rodrigo, a designer and photographer based in Valencia, Spain. 

There’s a lot to love about this project. For me just the simplicity and raw look aligned with beautiful typography selection makes it a winner. It’s hard to design something nice and well balanced without much to play with. That’s what makes these types of project look easy to create but when you try you will see how hard it is. Personally, when I try to do something like that I always feel that it’s not complete. There’s something missing. I wonder if Carles feels the same when doing this one. 

Brand Identity

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