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Designing the future of TV

Aside from web & mobile applications, it’s not every day that we stumbled across a case study for ‘Television Experience’. More specifically for AppleTV and tvOS, even adding to that medium. Imagine designing experience in another language in combination with English, how about ‘Hebrew’? Well, that’s exactly what the fine folks from Designit collaborated on with yes, Israel’s leading TV provider. It was also a strategic transformation from a satellite service into a transition their core TV service delivery to the internet. I love how they kicked off their design process with a user research phase, spending time with users, observing their behaviors to learn more on their interactions to craft the perfect experience. Let’s take a dive-in!

In their words

Israel’s leading TV provider, yes, needed to undergo a major strategic transformation. This meant that over time they’d phase out their satellite service to transition their core TV service delivery to the internet. A new collaboration between yes and Apple was in play to launch a completely re-imagined TV service for both Apple TV and tvOS.

yes+ from Designit on Vimeo.


yes needed help defining their product strategy around key factors, including content curation, integration with external services, and user experience. To achieve this, they approached Designit to help define the strategy and redesign the yes TV experience from the ground up. We embarked on a thorough user research phase, spending time in consumers’ homes, observing and interviewing family members, and benchmarking TV experiences around the globe.


Together, we designed a new digital experience with a focus on meticulous design detail, content discovery, and expert curation. The first of its kind, yes+ synthesizes linear TV channels with on-demand content in an entirely new way, designed to appeal to a mass audience and building on the unique viewing habits of the Israeli consumer.

In order to create visual differentiation, and have every word and every series title stand out, we spent a long time designing a custom bi-lingual typeface with our good friends at Fontef, trying to deliver on our ‘cinematic scale’ concept: make even short series / movie titles become cinematic with our highly-condensed display type. As well as making commands & body text recognizable with 3 text weights.

In November 2019, yes+ was launched, and has been cited in major media outlets as “innovative and on-target”, resulting in comparisons to services from Netflix, Apple, and Amazon. yes was also the first to launch features such as curated collections, and was later followed by Netflix and HBO.

About Designit

A Wipro company. It’s a global design firm, we work with ambitious brands in a various areas of design, business strategy, customer experience and a lot more.

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