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Wallpaper of the Week

One of our most popular series is back. The Wallpaper of the Week is happening again due to the incredible demand and pressure from myself and Francois hah! Jokes aside. We have been seeing some really great work, plus taking some good pictures that we think might be great for your phone, tablet or computer wallpapers.

For this edition we have a photo taken by the one and only Francois. The photo was taken in Shanghai, on top of the Jin Mao Tower  a few years ago when he was visiting the city covering a product launch for the abdz. Francois also used his Lightroom Preset Osore to give this awesome Blade Runner look to the image.

“It was on my last night in Shanghai for the blog and I needed to see the skyline of Shanghai before leaving. After our media supper, I went on the top of the buildings. It was truly amazing, I went there with a bunch of journalists… Being a fan of Cyberpunk and Blade Runner. It was surreal to see how this is a reality when visiting a city like Shanghai”



If you like this look make sure to get the Osore Lightroom Preset

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