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A Sweet Escape – CGI Campaign for Chupa Chups

Illusion CGI Studio is CGI studio based in Bangkok, Thailand, they gave worked with some of the most renowned brands, you might have seen or remembered this feature we made about them last year on their 2017’s project Build the Future for Lego. In this feature, we are sharing their project for Chupa Chups (I think we all had at least once a Chupa Chups), what a creative visual approach. It’s playful, thoughtful, colorful, and somehow a bit spooky but you totally get the idea and that’s the beauty of it. I personally think the most powerful campaigns are the ones where you understand the outcome in a matter of seconds. Give it a look!



  • Client (Advertiser): Chupa Chups (Snack To Home Limited)
  • Brand: Chupa Chups
  • Title: Homework, Music, Tidy Up
  • Agency: Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong
  • Production Company: Illusion CGI Studio
  • Year: 2019
  • Chief Creative Officer: Paul Chan
  • Creative Director: Lili Jiang, Ivan Au
  • Art Director: Ivan Au, Elsie Lau
  • Copywriter: Paul Chan, Lili Jiang, Tatiana Le, Agnes Ho
  • Project Manager: Denise Chan
  • Photographer: Illusion CGI Studio
  • Illustrator: Illusion CGI Studio

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