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Video Tutorial: How to Make Digital Camo Patterns in Photoshop

Today’s tutorial is kind of a follow-on from my guide to creating custom camouflage patterns in Adobe Photoshop from back in 2019. In that previous tutorial I shared some useful techniques for creating a variety of camo pattern styles using nothing but Photoshop filters. All those camo patterns are comprised of random blobs and shapes, so this tutorial will focus on creating the more modern digital pattern styles that are made up of tiny pixel-like squares. Using a similar process, we can create disruptive digital camo patterns that can be regenerated with a random result every time. By modifying the colour scheme, we can even replicate modern-day military camouflage patterns such as the US Marines MARPAT camo, or the Canadian CADPAT.

How to Make Digital Camo Patterns in Photoshop

How To Create Custom Camouflage Patterns in Photoshop

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