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The Thing – Illustration for the board game

Aleksey Rico’s latest series of illustrations for a board game, titled ‘The Thing’, is a nostalgic trip through some of the most iconic elements of pop culture. From Star Wars to X-Files, this series features a mix of classic elements that will transport you back in time and make you reminisce about the good old days.

The series is named after the classic 80s movie ‘The Thing’, which adds a touch of nostalgia and mystery to the illustrations. Each illustration features a different element of pop culture, such as a Star Wars lightsaber or an X-Files alien, and gives it a unique twist. The use of vibrant colors and bold lines adds a sense of energy and excitement to the illustrations, making them a feast for the eyes.

One of the standout elements of the illustrations is the attention to detail. Each illustration is filled with small details that reference the specific element of pop culture it represents. For example, an illustration featuring a Star Wars lightsaber includes small details such as the Jedi symbol and the lightsaber’s button. These small details add a sense of authenticity to the illustrations and make them even more enjoyable to look at.

The series is not just for fans of the specific elements of pop culture featured in the illustrations. The illustrations appeal to a wide audience, as they capture the essence of nostalgia and the joy of remembering the good old days. Each illustration tells a story and evokes emotions, making them a perfect addition to any collection or display.

In conclusion, Aleksey Rico’s ‘The Thing’ series is a must-see for anyone who loves pop culture and nostalgia. The illustrations capture the essence of the classic elements of pop culture and give them a unique twist, making them a joy to look at. Make sure to check out this series, you won’t be disappointed!”

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For more information make sure to check out Aleksey Rico on Behance.

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