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Expand your productivity with Analog by Ugmonk

By the time I am writing this, Analog has crushed its goal already on Kickstarter. This proves that well-thought out design can be feasible, it all depends on the conceptual idea and its execution. Our good pal over Ugmonk has an incredible history of designing and making useful items that truly enhance our lives whatever that is on the lifestyle and now on our productivity level. This time, Ugmonk is tackling one of the biggest problems we all have: ‘digital distractions’. Introducing Analog, the Simplest Productivity System.

Analog by Ugmonk


I needed something simpler – something I didn’t have to think about.

Analog doesn’t replace your digital tools, it works alongside them. Working out of your inbox puts you on defense all day. Analog helps you focus on your important work to move you closer to your goals.

The power of a simple habit

Analog is a simple, repeatable process. The system can easily be customized and tailored to how you like to work.

A fresh start every day

Your priorities can change from day-to-day, so taking a moment to write down your important tasks for the day gets you on the right track.

No more productivity guilt

We always seem to think we can get more done in a day than what’s actually possible. The physical constraints of the Analog card force you hone in the few important things to tackle each day. No more endless lists or productivity guilt.

It’s tangible

Seeing your progress build up over time is a powerful motivator. We don’t get this satisfaction from digital apps. It’s scientifically proven that writing things down with pen and paper helps you retain them better. And we all know how good it feels to cross things off.

Design is in the details

While the power of Analog lies in the system itself, I believe that items we use every day should be as beautiful as they are functional. I considered every detail throughout the design process – from the paper stock, to the dot grid pattern, to the way the cards smoothly slide into the wood holder.

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