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90s Style & Vibrant Lettering Works by Ju Schnee

We are featuring a 90s style lettering work by Ju Schnee, an illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Each piece from this series kind of reminds you of the era of ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘, it’s hard to deny anything else. Everything is there, the style, colors, quotes and more. Quite lovely if you ask me. After reading Ju’s project blurb, you can’t help to share the same views on the daily challenge that aren’t related to client or work per se. It’s a good challenge to tackle something different each day without any prospectus, real creativity to push its boundaries. Props to Ju!

About Ju Schnee

Ju is an illustrator based in Berlin, Germany; living in such a colorful city. It’s no surprises how she gets her inspiration from, make sure to follow her work on Behance.

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