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Beautified China series, the Architectural Revolution

Our good buddy Kris Provoost have recently released his first book titled: ‘Beautified China: The Architectural Revolution’, it’s a striking ‘recueil’ of a selection of modern buildings that Kris has been photographing for the past decade. In this book, you will get a glimpse of buildings located in well-known cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Harbin, Wuhan (!) and many more! Most of them are packed with such a well-defined & unique passageway that has been featured on many many mediums. Let’s take an in-depth look, congrats Kris!

While living and working across China, I was able to appreciate first-hand what a strong influence architecture can have. Not only on how a city looks, functions or develops, but also on how that city represents itself to the outside world. This is where the iconic architecture represented in this book falls into place.

About Kris Provoost

Kris is an architectural photographer currently based in Hong Kong, make sure to order his new book ‘“Beautified China: The Architectural Revolution’.

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