I have decide to step my Design Blog game up. You can expect to see anything from art to entrepreneurship to UX design in this blog. You may even begin to see video blogs! Keekee360 Design is a full service graphic & web design and development company located in Huntsville, Al offering custom graphic design services. I’m really loving Tedx right now. But the Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world.

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Editorial Design: Centuro Cultural Jardín Japonés

Editorial Design: Centuro Cultural Jardín Japonés AoiroStudio Apr 23, 2018 Let’s kick it off with a beautiful branding & editorial design by Angello Torres who is a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ver Para Oír / Jardín Japonés translated to See To Hear / Japanese Garden and I simply love this project. The mixture of the culture, colours and you just gotta love that font Avant Garde who has been my go-to font for years. Check it out, this project is beautifully shown in execution and presentation. Seeing To hear is a festival carried out within the cultural framework offered by the Japanese Garden, in which the senses of sight and hearing merge crossing each other generating new forms of perception, carried out from different sound activities and visuals. “hear colors, perceive sounds and observe silence” More Links Learn more about Angello Torres Editorial Design & Branding editorial design graphic design

UI Inspiration: This week’s selections from Slava Kornilov, Valeria Rimkevich and more

UI Inspiration: This week’s selections from Slava Kornilov, Valeria Rimkevich and more AoiroStudio May 30, 2018 It’s that time of the week for our collection of UI/UX interactions to boost your UI inspiration. We are focusing on cool animations, layout designs, UX thinking and more. We are mixing it all from static, dynamic and even live prototypes, this might be a great weekly series to bookmark! This week, we took a glance at this “scroll” extravaganza design by Slava Kornilov which is so playful and just clever! Also we enjoy seeing many more designs with #InVisionStudio, good seeing many designers adopting the latest tool. In this collection we are featuring the work from Slava Kornilov, Valeria Rimkevich, DtailStudio, Shekh Al Raihan ✪ and more. More Links For more, check out Dribbble Follow my tweets @aoirostudio Follow my pictures on Instagram via Dribbble Design by Slava Kornilov Design by Valeria Rimkevich Design by DtailStudio Design by Shekh Al Raihan ✪ Design by Nick Frost Design by Evan Design by Nick Stepuk Design by Nikola Uzunov Design by Alex Pesenka Design by ueno. Design by Sujeet Mishra Design by Wanda Arca Design by Uber Design Design by Denis Stehin Design by Charles… Read More»

Principles: Life and Work Book and Animated Series

Principles: Life and Work Book and Animated Series abduzeedo Jun 01, 2018 There are many ways to find inspiration, especially if you are a designer. We tend to focus on visual inspiration, but when I say visual I mean more than visual design, it goes from branding to motion design. Those type of inspiration posts are good for references but for me the one of the best sources of inspiration is books. Not design books but finance & investment, biographies and science. I have been reading a lot of finance and investment books, a topic that I always avoid, probably due to my ignorance. After reading five or six books in the past 2 months on the topic I became sort of addicted. The reason I think these books are valuable for designers is because they talk about dealing with failure, learning about process and management and especially how to manage risk. One book I want to recommend to you is Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio, one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs. He shares the unconventional principles that he’s developed, refined, and used over the past 40 years to create unique results in both life and business –… Read More»

Anicorn introducing Order, a timepiece inspired by NYC

Anicorn introducing Order, a timepiece inspired by NYC AoiroStudio Jun 06, 2018 We would like to introduce a cool project that launched today on Kickstarter coming from the makers of Hidden Time Watch. Now they are back and introducing Order. They have partnered with we partnered with graphic designers Hamish Smyth and Jesse Reed. You must have heard about their well-known projects like the Standards Manual, the reissue of NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual when they were at Pentagram. Following their departure, the duo team opened the only bookstore in New York specializing in graphic design (would love to visit!) and it sits right in front of their design office, Order. In their words Now, Anicorn is continuing their journey in New York City—the location chosen by backers of their first campaign on Kickstarter—and partnering with graphic designers Hamish Smyth and Jesse Reed to create the next The Trio of Time timepiece—“Order.”. Anicorn Watches Last year, they have launched The Trio of Time, a collaboration where we visit three different cities around the globe to partner with local designers and explore their perception of time. They are thrilled to introduce our newest collaboration—”Order”—a timepiece inspired by New York City. More Links… Read More»

Nostalgic Game Design for Horizon Chase

Nostalgic Game Design for Horizon Chase abduzeedo Feb 16, 2018 Horizon Chase is one of those games that brings back a lot of good memories, especially if you are from the generation that played the classic Sega Outrun or Nintendo’s Top Gear. Outrun is the best reference because of the Ferrari. Another amazing thing about this game and game design is that I know the folks behind it, they are from my hometown, which makes me even happier. So for this post I just wanted to share the work that Rodrigo Bellão published on his Behance profile. I added the info he was kind to share with us. As the Lead UX/UI designer on this project I worked alongside the game designers to revamp the nostalgic experience of the classics racing games from the 90’s in this multi platform game developed by Aquiris Game Studio. Achievements 8+ MILLION ORGANIC DOWNLOADS Editors’ Choice on App Store – Worldwide App Store “Best of” 2015 Worldwide App Store “Best of” 2016 Apple Tv category “Android excellence” 2017 – 15 games featured only Game of the year – App store iPAD in Brazil and Mexico Game of the week – toucharcade.com Gold award and game of the year nominee –… Read More»

Architecture Photography: ARCHIISERIES II by Calle Artmark

Architecture Photography: ARCHIISERIES II by Calle Artmark AoiroStudio Feb 16, 2018 There is always this excitement to discover new places especially through the medium of photography. In my case, it’s a combination of architecture and the thrill of finding the right perspective. That being said, we are taking a look at the stunning work of Calle Artmark who is a Photographer/Retoucher based in Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm is commonly known for their beautiful underground system where you would practically need an admission but today we are all about the architecture through the lens of Calle. I would like to mention that are also buildings from Copenhagen and NYC too. Enjoy! Long overdue to publish more of my architectural series in here. All these buildings are photographed either in Stockholm Sweden or in Copenhagen, Denmark + Guggenheim in NYC. More Links Learn more about Calle Artmark at calleartmark.se Follow Calle on Instagram Follow his work on Behance Everydays Illustration photography architecture sweden

Introducing The Pen Rewritten: RIIND’S New Twist On A Timeless Classic

Introducing The Pen Rewritten: RIIND’S New Twist On A Timeless Classic ibby Feb 16, 2018 I’m an admitted pen-aholic. There, I said it. I’m not shy to admit I would look forward to Sunday’s as a child when my dad carted me down to his office and I could rummage through the pen drawer to find my new favorite. I’m also truly obsessed with handwritten notes and I’m on a one-woman mission to ensure this beautiful art is not lost in the digital age in which we now exist. I nearly fell off my chair then upon receiving a note from the creative folk over at RIIND to test out their gorgeous, purposefully designed pen that flips a timeless instrument on its very own head. With the sole mission of designing, developing and creating long-lasting products with purpose, we think these two MIT graduate school friends are on to something good. They joined forces to start RIIND with a few simple mandates in mind: build simple, powerful objects that are designed to last. Their first foray in this journey together starts with a most timeless tool as the pen and we think they’ve got a bright future ahead based on the impeccable attention to every last… Read More»

Weekend Design Inspiration by SAVEE

Weekend Design Inspiration by SAVEE abduzeedo Feb 17, 2018 Our friends over at SAVEE sent us a cool set of images to share with you. It’s the weekend and it’s time to relax and enjoy some design inspiration so sit down, relax and check out some beautiful examples of branding, graphic design, photography, digital art, web design and much more. Also make sure to check out SAVEE (https://savee.it/) – it’s a great tool for collecting images and it’s highly focused on design. Design Inspiration design inspiration

The New Volvo V60 Reveal – Abduzeedo in Sweden

The New Volvo V60 Reveal – Abduzeedo in Sweden AoiroStudio Feb 19, 2018 Exciting to share that Abduzeedo will be heading to Sweden, Stockholm to be more precise. We will be covering the launch of the new Volvo model 2019 V60 wagon. With the slogan: “Designed for Generations” from their teaser, you can imagine how Volvo will reinvent themselves in term of tech and if they will be offering an electric model too. But first, let’s celebrate the arrival of the new V60 on February 21st. Make sure to follow our social media accounts to assist at the overall event. More to come very soon! Our cars have been enjoyed, shared and held fondly in the memories of drivers and passengers for decades. In creating the new Volvo V60, we’re continuing a legacy of estates and moments for a new generation to remember. More Links Learn more about Volvo Cars Like us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Volvo V60 Teaser Design by Zahidul volvo car cars sweden stockholm events

Brand Identity: Dalston Creative

Brand Identity: Dalston Creative AoiroStudio Feb 19, 2018 I am a couple hours away to leave for Sweden, by the meantime I wanted to discover some designers from this beautiful country in the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. We are taking a look at the work from Dalston Creative, a design studio located in Stockholm. They have worked at creating the brand identity for NOCK, a new three-floor design from the 19th-century building on Renstiernas Gata on Södermalm. I would love to point out that the architect was done by Jenny Frigren and Interior design by Covet Visual identity for property development NOCK, three new floors on a 19th-century building on Renstiernas Gata on Södermalm in Stockholm. The concept was built around the idea of Scandinavian decadence. Deliverables included naming, identity, catalog, website, photography and art direction. More Links Learn more about Dalston Creative at dalston.se Follow Dalson Creative on Behance Brand Identity brand identity branding visual identity graphic design