I have decide to step my Design Blog game up. You can expect to see anything from art to entrepreneurship to UX design in this blog. You may even begin to see video blogs! Keekee360 Design is a full service graphic & web design and development company located in Huntsville, Al offering custom graphic design services. I’m really loving Tedx right now. But the Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world.

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Breathtaking Game Design: Abzû

Breathtaking Game Design: Abzû PauloGabriel May 05, 2017 Many people are not into gaming and that’s a shame. It might happen due the lack of knowledge of beautifully done game design. Some of them bring us truly breathtaking experiences, independent of its genre. Recently I’ve played a quite simple game, but it was a fantastic experience: Abzû. It is a fantasy game, set in an underwater world, and it’s beautiful. Not only it has the looks, but it also has got the music. Abzû’s soundtrack is soothing, and adds so much to this amazing gaming experience. But be aware: if you suffer of bathophobia, you might want to take it slow, because your phobia will probably get triggered. Anyways, this has definitely made my list of beautiful games. I hope you get the chance of playing it. Game design and art of Abzû Check out the trailer: game design

The Perfect Office – Magnetic Hourglass, Samsung DeX Station Dock, Office Ideas and More

The Perfect Office – Magnetic Hourglass, Samsung DeX Station Dock, Office Ideas and More PauloGabriel Apr 04, 2017 We’ve seen some great gadgets and equipment for designers. So many cool stuff, that we could actually assemble infinite perfect office spaces! Every week we’ll assemble a perfect office, and we’d like you to help us. What equipment would the perfect office have? This week we’ve found some amazing novelty items, beginning with Kikkerland Magnetic Hourglass, an hypnotic piece of design that will add to your cool office. Satechi has a great solution for enclosing your HDD/SDD, so you should definitely check it out. Use your your Samsung Galaxy S8 as if it was a desktop computer with the DeX Station Dock. But there’s more! Thanks to our sponsor, Gadget Flow. A product discovery platform that helps you save and buy awesome products with 12 new additions every day. Kikkerland Magnetic Hourglass Watch time tick by in amazement with the Kikkerland Magnetic Hourglass. Featuring the incredible ferrous sand, this hourglass comes with its own stand. But, the wooden stand features more than just a great design. It actually conceals inside a magnet. In addition, the ferrous sand material reacts to magnets. When… Read More»

Incredible Graphic Design Process for a Poster by Partee Design

Incredible Graphic Design Process for a Poster by Partee Design abduzeedo May 30, 2017 The best way to learn is by seeing how people do the work that inspires us. Nowadays there are many ways to learn about design, there are sites with tutorials like this one, videos on Youtube and many other venues. Most of the time though, it’s about tools like Photoshop, Illustrator. When I see a graphic design process that is done in the analog way, I feel the need to feature it here on ABDZ. That’s the case for the poster design for la Local de Joventut 2017/2020. by Partee Design. The poster itself is gorgeous, but the way they did it makes it even more awesome. It was created literally by throwing stuff at hand make letters. When I saw I suspected it was too real to be 3D. As advanced CGI is, it’s still cannot beat the real deal. Check out below. The image was made through throwing pink pigment on handmade letters. We looked for a good visual impact and the party sensation. Graphic design process graphic design poster

Graphic Design and Brand Identity for MIX Studio

Graphic Design and Brand Identity for MIX Studio abduzeedo May 31, 2017 MIX Studio is a graphic design and brand identity project created and shared by Mélanie & Nicolas Zentne on their Behance profile. MIX STUDIO is a multidisciplinary sportsclub offering yoga, TRX, barre and spinning classes. In my opinion they did a great job on this brand, it express a lot of movement with the lines. The applications are also quite inspiring. Check out in the comps below. Mélanie & Nicolas Zentner  run Enzed, a design consultancy based in Lausanne, Switzerland and specializes in print, corporate, cultural and editorial design. For more information make sure to check out http://www.enzed.ch/ Graphic design and brand identity brand identity graphic design

Framer Design: The UI/UX Design Ultimate Tool

Framer Design: The UI/UX Design Ultimate Tool abduzeedo Jun 01, 2017 It’s a great time to be a designer especially in terms of access to information, resources and tools to get our job done effectively. Today, to make things even more exciting, the lovely people from Framer launched Framer Design. In my opinion, this is the new standard for UI/UX design tools. The reason I am so adamant about my statement is because it brings design and code closer together than ever before. It’s not a coding tool that does design so so, it can be used as a design tool solely and beautifully, but it magically allows you to create prototypes right there as you would expect if you used Framer before. Details on this awesome UI/UX Design tool The new graphics mode offers a way to draw your designs directly in Framer, with a full-featured toolkit and device-specific artboards. But where Framer Design really excels is in its auto-layout functions, built specifically for responsive interface design. Once artboards are complete, a designer can then simply switch over to Code mode and insert pre-made interaction patterns or create multi-screen app flows. Programming logic still powers much of how the Code… Read More»

Conceptual Art & Illustration by Sylvain Sarrailh

Conceptual Art & Illustration by Sylvain Sarrailh AoiroStudio Jun 02, 2017 We are looking at the conceptual art & illustration work of Sylvain Sarrailh who is currently based in France. His stylish art always has been a mixture of illustration and also painting. What I like about his art is the non-presence of the main character which is presented as a shadowed silhouette, kind of giving this “Seul Au Monde” atmosphere across. We would definitely suggest you guys check out his ArtStation where you’ll see more of his latest work, hope you will enjoy! Behind this art, we are featuring the stunning work from Sylvain Sarrailh who is a freelance concept artist based in Toulouse, France. We have featured his work before on ABDZ. It’s nice to see his progression at crafting his art throughout the years, it has definitely been rewarding for him. Photo Gallery More Links Follow Sylvain’s Work on ArtStation Follow also Sylvain on Behance illustration painting digital art concept art

Weekly Roundup: Fancy Keyboard Overlay, Apple’s WWDC 2017 and More

Weekly Roundup: Fancy Keyboard Overlay, Apple’s WWDC 2017 and More AoiroStudio Jun 04, 2017 We all had a long week of work, school and maybe vacation (some of us) and after spending some time relaxing with family, friends; we’ll mostly spend be ready to tackle a new week. Before you do, it’s time for the Weekly Roundup where we curated our some of the interesting things that happened on the Web either it is news, a new tool to try, a cool video and some sites inspiration that caught on attention. We’ll also include some Abduzeedo articles from the past week just in case that you’ve missed them. Time to sit back, see what you’ve missed and gear up for the next one. If you do have any suggestions, send us an email or via Twitter @AoiroStudio From the Web This fancy keyboard overlay shows all the commands you need in Vim via TheNextWeb   How Microsoft is redesigning Skype beyond the Snapchat generation via TheNextWeb   Apple’s WWDC 2017: Here’s what to expect via TheNextWeb   Makr via Product Hunt Design your own tees, totes, temporary tattoos & logos Documentation Agency via Product Hunt We write your product or… Read More»

Stylish 3D Rendering Work of Beeple

Stylish 3D Rendering Work of Beeple abduzeedo Jun 05, 2017 We have posted about the amazing 3D rendering work of Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple. It’ never to much to share his work especially if you are not following him on Twitter or Instagram. He posts daily 3D rendering graphics full of style. What I love the most, you might have guessed, is the 80s feeling of the pieces, including the abduction subject that was the main theme of this blog for a long time. We selected some super stylish images for you to start your week inspired. About Beeple A graphic designer from Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. His short films have screened at onedotzero, Prix Ars Electronica, the Sydney Biennale, Ann Arbor Film Festival and many others. He has also released a series of Creative Commons live visuals that have been used by electronic acts such as deadmau5, Skrillex, Avicii, Zedd, Taio Cruz, Tiësto, Amon Tobin, Wolfgang Gartner, and Flying Lotus and many others. He currently releases work on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. For more information check it out: http://beeple-crap.com/ 3D Rendering A post shared by beeple (@beeple_crap) on Feb 25, 2017 at 8:54pm PST CRUSHED LIGHT #everyday #cinema4d… Read More»

Motion and Graphic Design: Grand Yellow – On My Way

Motion and Graphic Design: Grand Yellow – On My Way abduzeedo Jun 07, 2017 Grand Yellow – On My Way is a motion and graphic design project shared by Akatre studio. There’s so much to love about this project, especially the abstraction and the sort of surrealist mood created. Below you can see some of the stills but I also recommend you to check out the video. Akatre is a creative studio founded in 2007,  in Paris, by Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert  and Sébastien Riveron. The trio works  and expresses themselves in graphic design,  photography, typography, video, artistic installation and musical creation  for institutions in art, cultural, fashion,  media and luxury. Graphic design stills Motion design Grand Yellow, “On My Way” from Akatre on Vimeo. Credits Directed by Akatre | akatre.com Music: Grand Yellow (Dify Records) Executive production by Wacko – Première Heure Post-production by St-Louis Post House Editor: Jean-Philippe Mure 3D Artist: Jonathan Chaillot Flame Artist: Mathieu Caulet Grading: Sylvain Canaux Post-producer: Jean-Marc Raygade graphic design

Badass Poster Design by Grzegorz Domaradzki

Badass Poster Design by Grzegorz Domaradzki PauloGabriel Jul 06, 2017 Grzegorz Domaradzki is one of those artists that you should have an eye on all times, because you know that he’ll come up with some awesome design. It’s been some time since we last posted some of his works, so today I thought it would be nice to update you on his latest, badass posters. Gabz is definitely sharp as ever. He has definitely kept his game tight. Of course, these are only a handful of his latest work. For all of it, please visit his portfolio! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. 😉 poster design poster digital illustration