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Launch your portfolio this weekend with Carbonmade

It used to be this way: If you didn’t have the time or technical knowledge to create a fully custom online portfolio, your only other choice was a limiting template. The new Carbonmade 4 changes that.

You might be familiar with Carbonmade from years ago (it’s helped more than 2 million creatives put their work online since 2005). Carbonmade 4 is still the easiest and most fun portfolio builder out there, but the experience is a whole lot different.

Based on a flexible block system, Carbonmade 4 allows you to build and launch a beautiful, personalized portfolio in less than an hour. But what makes it so different from templates or other portfolio tools? Let’s get into it.

Made for creatives

Carbonmade has always been about helping people share their creative work online, and that’s still true. Carbonmade 4 is perfect for concept art, illustration, architecture, makeup artists, fashion design, graphic design, photography, motion design, UX design – basically, any kind of creative work.

Every feature, from image galleries to video tools, are made with popular creative fields in mind.

Free trial and everything included

Carbonmade is an all-in-one package, so you don’t have to worry about hosting, a domain or any other technical details. All of that comes with your subscription and happens with the click of a button.

Even better, Carbonmade is free to use until you launch. So you can try it out and even build your full portfolio without entering payment or even setting up an account.

Customization without coding

Carbonmade 4 gives you unlimited layouts options, allowing you to mix and match, change colors, fonts, styling and just about everything else in minutes. It’s all drag & drop, no code. Choose a foundation based on the kind of work you do and adjust everything to your liking from there.

Easy workflows and smart design features

Start setting your site up in Carbonmade and you will notice all kinds of magic happening along the way. Add an image of your project and the tool suggests complementary background colors. Drag and drop a photo onto the page and it automatically optimizes and crops it for you. You have unlimited uploads so file sizes or media types don’t matter.

Carbonmade does everything for you in the background so your website stays fast and beautiful, and you can focus on the fun stuff.

Find new jobs and side projects

When you create your online portfolio with Carbonmade, you join the Carbonmade community.

Opting in to the Carbonmade Talentpool puts your portfolio in relevant searches for recruiters and companies to help you get discovered. You can change your availability at any time so people know whether you’re open for new projects.

It takes less than a minute to get set up with Carbonmade (just enter your email to sign-up) so if you’re unsure, try it out for yourself. Choose a foundation to work from, drop some work from your desktop in there and see what happens. There’s no reason to use templates anymore when you can launch a fresh, personalized portfolio this easily.

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