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In Review: Mission Workshop the Vandal

In this review, we will be taking a look at the The Vandal by Mission Workshop, it’s not a “new” pack from their family collection BUT it has all the MW attire from aesthetics, durability, usability, and what the brand stands for. We have featured MW before on ABDZ, it’s a brand I personally love and you will understand why. The Vandal is an expandable backpack (from 1,800 to 4,000 that can be used for your commute, your gear and even if you have some short traveling. Time to review!

…all the attire from MW from aesthetics, durability, usability, and what the brand stands for.

First Impressions

From the unboxing, this backpack is a decent size for myself and might probably will be big for some depending on your body size. I am a 6″ person so the size is perfect for my back and it’s comfortable too. In my MW collection, I also own the The Rhake from Mission Workshop, so first impressions are the Vandal is definitely more minimal in terms of compartment spaces. Basically they are less zippers! Let me explain later.

In Review: Mission Workshop the Vandal - Expandable BackpackModel: Teka Huck

The Aesthetics

From its minimalistic look, it’s a configuration that can be used in as a “roll-top” mode, or in the traditional “flap-down”. Whatever configuration you like, you definitely feel like a sentinel or just wonderful! I won’t lie, I am running this debate with my partner on why wherever we go, my MW backpack would have a seat to the table. For example, if we are eating out, I would literally pull a chair for my MW. Go figure! It features also multiple weatherproof compartments, “urethane” coated zippers, waterproof materials, and a carbon fiber reinforced internal frame suspension system. What does it mean? It means it can support weight, whatever you put inside the pack and it’s expandable.

Inside the Pack

The biggest feature of the The Vandal other than its quality of the material and its minimalistic look. I really love its expandable feature, it’s so useful in many ways. The ability to quickly double in size from 1,800 to 4,000 when needed for extra cargo carrying capacity. You have to remember that the pack will be fitting in many occasions but the lack of storage compartments might differ interest to some of you. The pack is divided into three ‘descending’ compartments and two little compartments in the front for smaller storage for keys, pocket change, and small items. I can fit my 15in laptop without a hassle! A tip? To get the most of its expandable feature and minimal usability, I am equipped with packing tubes. It’s coming in different sizes, you get to customize how you wanna use your backpack on the day-to-day. It’s quicker when you are on the go!

Built to Endure

Most of the MW backpacks are weatherproof, no kidding on that end. Once I was traveling to Shanghai for ABDZ and decided to photo walk the streets during a rainy evening. Not a single drop of water inside the pack even after spending hours outside in the heavy rain. That’s a huge plus for me, props MW! With any of your MW purchase, it comes with an insane lifetime warranty as I quote: ‘Warrantied Forever’. It doesn’t cover any degradation from normal wear per se and tears over its natural lifespan but come on! It’s great to know a brand that builds such a bold statement on their warranty which builds its user trust right from the start.


  • Expandable cargo capacity
  • Weatherproof
  • Adaptable for work, travel and fun


  • Lacks of compartments?

Last Words

A special thank you to Teka Huck for letting me take some shots of him with the Vandal backpack. For my last words, I would like to share a video that MW has done about 8 years ago for the The Vandal, just give it a watch and witness the expandable carrying capacity at work. Witness the true craftsmanship that made Mission Workshop what they are today, hope you have enjoyed this review.

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