Crowdinvesting & Other Ways To Fund Your Business

Starting a small business can be a tough task. There will be plenty of big decisions you have to make right from the start. Arguably the most important task you have is deciding on how you’ll fund your business. Secure the right funding, and you have the ability to lay down some solid foundations. Money makes the world go round, and it’s highly important that small businesses start off on the right track. So, what are the different ways someone can fund their company? I’ve got some ideas listed below: Use Your Own Cash The easiest way to fund your business is by using your money. Perhaps you have some savings in an account, or have some investments you can cash in on? By using your funds, you can enjoy certain benefits that the other methods don’t give. Firstly, everything will be a lot quicker for you. There’s no need to get anyone else involved; you can do things at your own pace. Secondly, it means you don’t start your business off in debt. Many of the other options require you to get funds from other people. As such, you may have to pay them back, so you fall into… Read More»

CHI Development Center- UI/UX

CHI Development Center- UI/UX abduzeedo Oct 11, 2016 CHI is a UI/UX project for a Ukraine, development center located in Kharkiv. The project was shared by Sergey Filonenko and we can highlight a few reasons that it deserved the feature. First the nice grid system and typography. Second and most important for me, the abundant white space. They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and, in my opinion, Sergey achieved that quite well. Of course there is a lot of questions on how a design like that would work in different screen sizes and mediums, however for the inspiration sake, I will keep that project on my list of simple, yet elegant UI/UX solutions Sergey is a UX designer from Kharkiv, Ukraine. He has quite a few beautiful projects on his Behance profile. I have an special admiration for the simple UI/UX ones. For more information check out UI/UX UI/UX web design

Photography: Urban Abstract by Michael-Bies

Photography: Urban Abstract by Michael-Bies abduzeedo Nov 29, 2016 Photography has become one of my favorite hobbies. I am far from a pro, much more like a beginner/enthusiast. One of my favorite subjects is buildings and the geometric forms of big cities, with skyscrapers, textures and vanishing points. I am always looking for references and inspiration on sites like 500px, Behance and Flickr. There is where I found the work of Michael-Bies, a photographer from Landau Palatinate, Germany. He has some incredible black and white photos of urban and architecture subjects. I selected some of my favorites. Look at the simplicity of the composition and the effect created by the textures. Photography                               About the photographer For more information about Michael check out his 500px profile at photography black & white

&Pizza – Packaging design

&Pizza – Packaging design abduzeedo Oct 11, 2016 &Pizza is a packaging design and illustration project created by Futura for a Washington DC based chain restaurant famous for their crafted pizza, and for their retribution to society. The challenge presented to Futura was to come up with a series of designs celebrating individuality and freedom. The result is a beautiful set of simple black and white illustrations for the pizza boxes as well as labels for bottles. Take a look after the break and let us know what you think. Project description   They were given the task of designing a series of boxes with certain inspiration which reflected &Pizza’s vision. What they are all about is celebrating individuality, that is one of the main reasons we got absolute freedom, and how they came up with the packaging design for this project. – Behance Each pizza box has its own graphic inspiration behind, going from Americana theme, to Street Art. We even got to design our own Futura themed box. &Pizza also crafts their own sodas, and teas offering completely new products to their costumers. Futura designed the branding for their beverages (5 flavored sodas, crafted teas and wine). Each… Read More»

Apple Mirror – Touchscreen Mirror Functional Concept

Apple Mirror – Touchscreen Mirror Functional Concept AoiroStudio Nov 30, 2016 We love concepts and ideas over at Abduzeedo, we are even more intrigued when it’s actually functioning and live for the World to see. Let’s take a look at this amazing work from Rafael Dymek who has multiple roles as a Marketing guy, Designer and Web Developer currently based in New York, NY. He created a fully functioning smart touchscreen mirror based on Apple’s iOS 10 and it’s looking great! I would see this concept really working well in the bathroom for example while you’re prepping yourself for the beginning of the day. It is literally something you’ll see in a movie set in the future and how things like this concept comes to live to make your life a little more productive and even sweeter! Created a fully functioning smart touchscreen mirror based on Apple’s iOS 10. Design includes the time and date in the upper right hand corner and weather in the top left. All apps can be moved around and placed anywhere on the mirror. After 45 seconds of inactivity the mirror goes to sleep (appears as any ordinary mirror), simply tap anywhere to wake back… Read More»

The CV Tabloid – Editorial Design

The CV Tabloid – Editorial Design AoiroStudio Nov 10, 2016 Nowadays, being unique in your work, brand or portfolio really can paid off. We spoke about reinventing the wheel and it’s still always the case. Let’s talk about portfolios for example, we follow a ”rule” about how we should showcase (in print) our portfolio, having a business card and an introductory letter. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of your next employer, how many portfolios they have seen so far? What’s the amount of time given on a review? Being different might add to your chances? It all depends but let’s just say that it’s helpful in some way. Let’s take a look at what Charlotte Allen did for her portfolio and we can’t help to appreciate how it does stand out and it’s worth the effort to be innovative and creative. What do you think? ​Designing my own portfolio has proven to be one of the most challenging projects to develop, as a client to myself has verified how difficult it is to make choices that would usually come as second nature. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most exciting self-initiated projects to complete. The concept behind the delivery was… Read More»

Typography: Scripts with Depth

Typography: Scripts with Depth abduzeedo Nov 30, 2016 Scripts with Depth is a typography project shared by Katt Phatt and as the name suggests it is a set of beautiful 3D type with a super clever usage of depth. We are all used to seeing quotes and phrase with script lettering, it was quite trendy a couple of years ago. What Katt did was to play with the Z axis to create a super fresh effect. There’s even some depth of field going on, check it out Typography About the author Katt Phatt is designer from Johannesburg, South Africa. His focus is on digital art and illustration. For more information check out Typography 3d

Ajax Brand Site – UI/UX

Ajax Brand Site – UI/UX AoiroStudio Nov 10, 2016 First of all, this is not a site about the programming language but there is actually a name of a product called: Ajax Systems. Aside from the very common product name, we are taking a look at the design and art direction work by Iurii Lence. He is based from Kyiv, Ukraine and he is also the Head of Design over Ajax Systems. Being part as a current member of the jury board on theFWA, lurii has been awarded in the past with by Red Dot, theFWA and Awwwards. As for Ajax Systems, we are taken on dark theme site with micro-interactions, they seems to be more trendy as of late. Subtle interactions that doesn’t bother the users but do add a smoother experience. More information about Lurii via Behance or see the site live at UI/UX ui design interface design

Using Coupons to Drive Sales

Deals are all around us, and savings are ripe for the taking. Coupons, particularly are everywhere – haunting your email inbox, floating through your text messages, and billowing out of your mailbox. As a consumer, no doubt you love a good bargain just as much as anyone else – I mean, who hasn’t bragged about getting designer jeans for 50% off? Or in my case, a Captain America t-shirt? So why should you feel any differently about the issue as a merchant? People love to feel like they’re getting a deal, and if you can offer them an amazing opportunity, it tends to inspire their loyalty. But let’s not count our chickens before they’re hatched. You should realize that there is a lot to consider prior to taking the plunge into coupon sales. First, what basic content do I need for a coupon? Second, what kinds of offers would best suit my business? Third, how should I market my coupons? Fourth – the most dreaded question – how do I manage the cost of coupons to my company? Don’t freak out. This may seem like a lot to handle, but I’ll walk you through the process one step at a… Read More»

Introducing Invision for JIRA

Introducing Invision for JIRA AoiroStudio Oct 12, 2016 As of late we’ve been witnessing a lot of really cool and interesting upgrades from our friends from Invision. They never ceased to come up with new tools and upgrades to facilitate our workflow for the greater good and also work with existing platforms to bring their products around our work environment so we can have to the right tools to create the right user experience. Let us introduce their latest with a partnership with Atlassian, the company that introduced us JIRA. For those who doesn’t know what is JIRA, It’s a very helpful tool for a collaboration from the designers and developers to bring together their game through creating tickets, assigning tasks, fixing/tracking bugs and more. Looking forward to try it myself! You can now pair an InVision prototype with any JIRA issue. It’s also why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Atlassian and introduce InVision for JIRA, a new way to bring your design workflow right inside the development tool your team already relies on. By pairing an InVision prototype with a JIRA issue, everyone can see what’s being worked on and get real time information about the design,… Read More»