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Redesigning a Smart Home, the future home experience

Let’s start it off by saying that I really do enjoy diving into a student project. Fewer boundaries and more room for creativity. This is what we are mostly striving as we go deeper into our career level, once you understand your work ethic and establish a solid structure. There are times where you would just love to create something without leaving it out to requirements, user stories, feedback and etc. Pure fun, I think we all should somehow have a side-project to experiment and have fun with it. This is why I am really digging this direction by 7 ahang, a student based in Hangzhou, China who shared his perspective of a ‘Smart Home Experience’. Let’s take a closer look at the case study.

Interaction Design – UI/UX

About 7 ahang

7 ahang is a student based in Hangzhou, China, looking forward to seeing more of his work. Make sure to visit his personal site and his Behance profile.

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