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Exquisite Black and Grey work by Vanessa Dong

Who doesn’t like a beautiful tattoo? I’m talking about those pieces that get your attention. Artworks that make your turn your head to see more of it and check the details. And yes, I’m the kind of person that will start a conversation if I like a tattoo. I know, weird. There are several different styles of tattoo out there. But I’m always drawn to black and grey pieces with beautiful outline and minimal design. And I believe this is why I simply love Vanessa’s work. The tattoos she creates are delicate and beautiful. Masterpieces on skin. The pictures she posts of her work are breathtaking and totally inspiring. She specializes in floral/botanical work and you will see plenty of lines, geometric shapes and negative space on her pieces. Since I’m a sucker for black and grey tattoos and I basically stalk Vanessa on Instagram I decided to get in touch with her and publish some of her work here.

Tattoo artists have the privilege of drawing permanent artworks on people’s skin. And I admire them for that. They listen to your idea and create a concept that will be inked on your skin for good. And oh boy, we all love beautiful timeless tattoo pieces like the ones you will see here. Vanessa is based in Vancouver, BC and she keeps her followers informed about her books on Instagram. So stay tuned to her account if you want to get inked. This is certainly a great excuse to visit Vancouver. 😉

Vanessa is a tattoo artist based in Vancouver, BC. She specializes in floral/botanical black and grey work. She is currently based out of a private studio in East Vancouver. Her work has been featured on Hypebae, Daily Hive Vancouver, Narcity Canada as well as The Mix Society. Vanessa graduated with a Bachelors Degree at Emily Carr University for Communication Design. She did her apprenticeship with Katia at Rainfire Tattoo in 2012-2013. Vanessa loves creating pieces for her clients that are one of a kind.

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