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Keekee360 Design has worked on several logo and brand projects for our company. Her strengths include; attention to detail, fresh ideas, and quick turn around for project completion. Her work has always exceeded our expectations. She has been a pleasure to work with each time.

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KeeKee360 Design has helped us brand, build, and market our 501(C)(3) Non-Profit organization since day one. We have been truly blessed to work with a company that can properly guide us even when we’re unsure of the way. The owner, Keisha is a gem sent from heaven. If you or your business are seeking a professional, educated, yet spunky graphic design company, take our advice and rock with KeeKee360 Design. You will not be disappointed.
Yes You’re Worth It
A Very Satisfied Client

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I connected with Kee Kee on Elance and it has been a wonderful experience. We have collaborated on what I was needing and looking for in my new website and she was able to take my thoughts and create a more exciting visual and working experience of my website than I ever dreamed possible. I had tried to be a DIY’er but the investment is so well worth it. I hope to have a long term professional relationship with her on expanding my site and services over the years. She works fast and is not confined by bankers hours. She is available and always pleasant if not downright funny to talk to. Creative, accomplished, professional, easy to work with, is that not a great combination?

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Keekee 360 design made my logo and my website for my new business. Keekee is fantastic to work with and very professional. I will refer her to anyone looking for design work

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Absolutely WONDERFUL! It is hard finding honest people that prides themselves with honesty and integrity, but Keekee 360 Design does.This is the best treasure I’ve found. Thank you for taking care of my needs Keekee!

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Keekee360 Design has done amazing design work for us here in Phoenix, AZ. We have asked her to do quite a few display, mobile and rich media ads in a very limited time frame and she was able to get it done quicker than our deadline AND the ads looked amazing. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and your keen eye for design. We definitely love having you as an asset to our digital department!