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29 Sep: LinkedIn automation tools for your brand in 2023

Struggling to stay on top of your LinkedIn marketing efforts? Building your brand’s presence on LinkedIn takes a lot of…

28 Sep: How to Measure the Value of Social Media

You already know the value of social media extends far beyond marketing—it benefits and represents every corner of your organization….

27 Sep: How to craft an effective AI use policy for marketing

Technology, like art, stirs emotions and sparks ideas and discussions. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing is no…

26 Sep: Why you need an exceptional customer service strategy (and how to develop one)

Superior customer experiences don’t happen by accident. A well-defined customer service strategy is the foundation to every wow-worthy interaction between…

23 Sep: Automating dependency updates with Dependabot

Sprout Social’s Android mobile app is a powerful native application that keeps our customers plugged in to their social media…

22 Sep: How to make the most of holiday marketing on social

When is the appropriate time to put up holiday decorations? In December? After Thanksgiving? Before Halloween? While the great decoration…

21 Sep: Decoding CSAT: What it is and how to calculate your score

Customer satisfaction has become an indispensable factor in sustainable business growth. Customers now wield more power than ever before and…

20 Sep: How marketing business intelligence empowers you to reach your customers

Awareness. Consideration. Decision. Purchase. The four stages of the marketing and sales funnel. A formidable formula that has explained consumer…

19 Sep: How to optimize your marketing budget: Do more with less

With an economic downturn looming, it’s not surprising around 75% of CMOs report being asked to do more with less…

15 Sep: How 7 brands use customer marketing content strategies to deepen audience connection

In marketing, brand awareness is a significant focus—in fact, it’s likely one of your main goals. But it’s all too…

14 Sep: 3 marketing strategy frameworks to use for future planning

As a marketer, you likely deal with a lot of granular questions on a weekly basis as you decide what…