Photography: Truly Unique Way to Capture Mundane Objects

Photography: Truly Unique Way to Capture Mundane Objects

May 09, 2018

The biggest challenge we all facing when it comes to create products and services is to try to make truly unique and worth checking out. It the idea of turning something mundane into a something very special. It’s not easy and that is the reason there are so many creative types of work. From art direction, photography, graphic design and many others. For this post I’d love to feature the amazing photography work that Kimmo Syvari did for  Metsä Wood for the Can Kerto project. He turned simple planks of wood into something really stylish. For a moment I thought they were buildings or architecture photos. Anyways. Check out the examples below.


  • Client: Metsä Wood
  • Senior VP, Business Development, Metsä Wood: Mikko Saavalainen
  • Agency: hasan&partners
  • Account Manager: Reino Tikkanen
  • Design Director: Joseph Bayne
  • Graphic Designer: Mikko Oksanen
  • Copywriter: Mick Scheinin
  • Production Company: Koski Syväri
  • Photographer: Kimmo Syväri
  • 1st AC: Melvin Torrens

For more information about Kimmo Syvari make sure to check out


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