Packaging Design: Chaos Fashion by Socio Design

Packaging Design: Chaos Fashion by Socio Design

Dec 29, 2017

With this time of year when we are taking down the stores and hunting for the best deals. We are exposed to a wide range of product packagings, what might catch your attention or by the looks, this product must have good reviews. One of fave this year is the tech accessories; they are so many out there. From practical to some purely for the style, we are featuring the work of Socio Design and their packaging design for Chaos Fashion. A combination of stylish tech with a flared visual approach. This might well be my last packaging post of 2017, hope you will enjoy!

Socio Design is a studio located in London, UK. They specialized in graphic design, branding and web design for multinational to startup brands. Check out their Behance for more projects related with branding.

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