Interaction Design: Fangry Food Mobile App

Interaction Design: Fangry Food Mobile App

Jan 09, 2017

We would like to share this interesting project of an app called: Fangry Food, it is a cooking app with the geniality of telling the app what’s in your fridge so they can come up with a range of recipes depending on the difficulty, popularity, calories and etc. It’s quite a great idea actually and I do feel that the interaction design behind the app is intuitive and easy-to-follow. I have some questions raising up while scanning this project like how mostly the backend can respond to all the variety of elements of food that exist for example or how does it come up with different cooking steps depending on your ingredients. I loved the detail of having the button: Order Pizza, that was hilarious.

Artkai Design Studio  is a studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine. With a talented team of designers, creative director and UI/UX, it’s really great to see them creating and making something quite useful for our quick daily routines full of things where sometimes food comes last.

When you are hungry you don’t want to waste your time. Neither do we. Jump in quickly to the app.


  • Founder & Lead Designer: Art Tsymbal
  • Creative Director: Kos Chekanov
  • UI/UX: Olga Levytska

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