Illustration: Stylish Buildings of Miami

Illustration: Stylish Buildings of Miami

Mar 07, 2017

Miami 2017 is an illustration project  shared by Remko Heemskerk on his Behance profile. As the title suggests, the illustrations are about Miami, more specifically, buildings and architecture of that beautiful city. There’s a mix of the famous art deco buildings  and some more modernist interpretations. All of that reinterpreted through simple vector illustrations with no gradients, just solid colors and quite a bit of contrast. What I love about these illustrations is that I try to take photos of buildings in real life with the goal to make them look like these illustrations. Remko did a fantastic job, check them out.

Remko Heemskerk is an illustrator based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. He lived in New York City where he studied Visual Arts. His passion as you can imagine is illustration, design, sketch and paint. He also has a list of high profile clients, including names like Wired, VW, CondéNast, Disney and others. For more information make sure to check out his website at


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