App Design: inMuseum Experience App

App Design: inMuseum Experience App

Jan 16, 2017

This Weekend, I was able to enjoy a free admission at the MBAM (Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal) and go through its art exhibits filled with beautiful pieces. During my walk, I thought about my own experience and how we can enhance it especially knowing with the possibilities of technology nowadays. We are featuring a project with Ekrem Ates and Muzaffer Akay and their inMuseum App. What I adore the most about this project is not the UI but the part where they show the phase beyond the structure of the experience. I also liked their approach of making the UI based on cards for responsiveness, also with usability and mobile gestures.

Published on Behance  by Ekrem Ates and Muzaffer Akay who are designers based in Istanbul, Turkey. Superb work about what they have done on making inMuseum app where you can facilitate your own experience and mostly at your own pace.


  • Ekrem Ates
  • Muzaffer Akay

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