I have decide to step my Design Blog game up. You can expect to see anything from art to entrepreneurship to UX design in this blog. You may even begin to see video blogs! Keekee360 Design is a full service graphic & web design and development company located in Huntsville, Al offering custom graphic design services. I’m really loving Tedx right now. But the Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world.

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Mobile Application & UI/UX: Tooway App

Mobile Application & UI/UX: Tooway App AoiroStudio Jun 28, 2017 I am always interested in what people come up with mobile applications. Having the knowledge of creating an app is one but having that special idea that will bring it to t a whole level is two. Let’s take apart the conceptual mobile app by Hyemin Yoo and Taehee Kim who created what they called: Tooway App. Overall, I think the design looks great, the small details are quite effective and make me appreciate it even more. Personally, I think the concept is a bit over the top (in my opinion) but it just works for the right reasons and goals. Hyemin Yoo and Taehee Kim are both designers into UI/UX. With a similar profiles in range as skills and courtesy; they have merged their forces into the concept of the Tooway App. The TOOWAY app service was created to help people with making decisions. Users can vote anonymously on whether they think a choice might be right or wrong and, in the same way, post a problem to be evaluated by fellow users. On a more casual note, TOOWAY was also made to share opinions on curious everyday occurrences… Read More»

Brand Identity and Graphic Design for The Metropolitain Orchestra

Brand Identity and Graphic Design for The Metropolitain Orchestra abduzeedo May 18, 2017 The byHAUS Studio shared a great brand identity and graphic design project on their Behance profile. It’s the new identity for The Metropolitain Orchestra with Yannick Nézet-Séguin. They describe it as a rethought the identity by playing with contrasts and sensations. The new logo is a monogram composed of two letters: one anchored in modernity, the other in a classical tradition. Moreover, the perfect circle which replaces the letter O is exploited throughout a graphic design platform as a window where the music is expressed. A lyrical and opulent typographic game completes the identity system. Thus, OM proudly takes the place it deserves: an orchestra assumed, relevant, well of its time, but still and always resolutely classic – in their own words. The project is a great example of modernizing but still keeping it simple and elegant. You can see from the before and after that the circle from the original logo was preserved and became the O of Orchestre as they mentioned. Below we showcase a bit more of the project and some of its graphic design applications. Also make sure to check out the website at http://orchestremetropolitain.com Brand Identity and Graphic… Read More»

You Have the Data, Now What? How to turn data into usable information to improve your business.

The need for Data Analytics has never been bigger than it is today. From understanding what’s going on inside your business, to understanding the customers you so loyally serve! Whether you are part of a multinational corporation or a small start-up, chances are there is more data around than you realize. In an age of connected technology, it is not getting hold of the data that is the difficult part. From your accounting software to your website everything is stored and tracked, just waiting to be analyzed. But, there is a big difference between having data, and using data. So often, people think they are reporting well because they see information. A list of customers who haven’t bought from us in 6 months, is information. Judging how valuable each customer is to the business based on this, is insight. It is insight that will really allow you to bring greater value to the business. “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion” – W. Edward Deming Quality not Quantity Chances are, you have tons of data. Across multiple tools, inputted by multiple users. Great, right? Except, here’s where most problems come in. The quality of your data far out ways the quantity. The ability to be… Read More»

Amazing Graphic Design and CGI Work from Filtre Studio

Amazing Graphic Design and CGI Work from Filtre Studio abduzeedo May 19, 2017 We are fans of graphic design, photo manipulation and retouching. We can see a lot of incredible work done for the advertising industry. The quality of the work is so good that most of the times you are convinced that what you see is real.  Of course when we saw the work done by the folks over at Filtre Studio we knew we had to post it here on ABDZ. Filtre Studio’s primary focus is high-end graphic design and creative image retouching and CGI . They work with advertising agencies, design firms and photographers to artistically enhance images, or in some cases create them from scratch. Their projects range from simple color correction to complex multi-image composites, combining 10 or more images. Prior to founding Filtre Studio in 2007, Robert Frolich spent over eighteen years working as an advertising art director and creative director on brands like Sony, International Truck and General Motors. Filtre Studio is an award-winning production studio focused on creating inspired imagery through high-end retouching, compositing and CGI.  Merging our considerable artistic experience and technical expertise, we provide clients with a wide range of post-production skills… Read More»

Weekly Roundup: Google I/O Highlights, Missive for iOS and More

Weekly Roundup: Google I/O Highlights, Missive for iOS and More AoiroStudio May 21, 2017 We all had a long week of work, school and maybe vacation (some of us) and after spending some time relaxing with family, friends; we’ll mostly spend be ready to tackle a new week. Before you do, it’s time for the Weekly Roundup where we curated our some of the interesting things that happened on the Web either it is news, a new tool to try, a cool video and some sites inspiration that caught on attention. We’ll also include some Abduzeedo articles from the past week just in case that you’ve missed them. Time to sit back, see what you’ve missed and gear up for the next one. If you do have any suggestions, send us an email or via Twitter @AoiroStudio From the Web Instagram adds Face Filters, because of course it did via TheNextWeb Google introduces Lens, an AI in your camera that can recognize objects via TheNextWeb Google brings the Assistant to iOS to compete with Siri via TheNextWeb Google’s new Photo Books uses AI to make printing your pictures dead simple via TheNextWeb New Google Daydream headset will require no PC… Read More»

Graphic Design: Paper Craft Project Inspired by The Little Prince

Graphic Design: Paper Craft Project Inspired by The Little Prince abduzeedo May 22, 2017 Le Petit Prince is a graphic design project created and shared by Rafa Miqueleto. It was a commissioned work done inspired by The Little Prince movie. One of the coolest things about this project is the tools and materials used. It’s a paper craft full of style. The details and the dimensionality added by layers of papers and folds is just beautiful. In addition to that, and the most amazing in my opinion, is the irregularities of the cuts. I have tried to do this type of work in Illustration and Photoshop, however it always end up looking to uniform or computer generated. Nothing can beat the real deal, it’s almost a homage to graphic design projects from a different era, an era without computers. Rafa Miqueleto is a graphic designer and illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has a super strong portfolio with more amazing projects like this one. I highly recommend you to check it out at http://cargocollective.com/miqueleto Graphic design and paper craft Making Of graphic design illustration paper craft

Be Your Most Productive Self With The Game-changing LG 21:9 UltraWide

Be Your Most Productive Self With The Game-changing LG 21:9 UltraWide ibby May 23, 2017 If you ever needed a reason to invest in LG’s big, dreamy 21:9 UltraWide display that delivers plenty of screen space to juggle all of your creative projects we’re giving it to you here. According to a recent study by the University of Utah, using a larger monitor helped participants in said study complete tasks up to 52% faster, saving an average 2.5 hours each day. We’ll take any extra hour we can get nowadays to be more productive behind the desk. ‘Curve and Create’ by @Littledrill featuring LG UltraWide Monitor 34UC98 Feedback from notable design professionals including our very own Fabio Sasso have touted the benefits of the UltraWide monitor as being as expansive as the displays themselves including the allowance of smooth multi-tasking through dozens of windows offering incredible accuracy in the color representation department.  As a result, you can leave that Fitbit on the nightstand by offing the dreaded sprints between the computer and printer to adjust color differences. Also adored, it’s ergonomic curved design, which wraps around the user making long hours at work more efficient. If you need further encouragement… Read More»

App Design and UX: Onstreet Community Concept

App Design and UX: Onstreet Community Concept AoiroStudio May 25, 2017 We are checking out this app design concept that involves UX and motion for a community called: Onstreet. Designed by Seoul-based designer Jaejin Bong, it’s an app based on a mixture of photo app and a shopping experience. So basically you’re sharing your daily look and you can tag the items that you are wearing so others can collect that information to buy them. It’s an elaborate take on mobile shopping and I think that the idea is quite unique. I am not personally the genre of person to take a picture of my outfit but there’s a certainty of a market of users for this experience and I’ll be intrigued to see how the future holds as the retail experience is slowing dying. Check it out! Behind this concept is the work from Jaejin Bong who is a UI & Graphic Designer based in Seoul, Korea. You should definitely check out his Behance for more projects. ONSTREET is the service that is literally used on the “Street”. Street shows everyone’s fashion. Gallery More Links Make sure to follow Jaejin on Behance app design UI/UX interaction design

Digital Photography of Hong Kong by Ludwig Favre

Digital Photography of Hong Kong by Ludwig Favre AoiroStudio Jun 15, 2017 Let’s explore this digital photography series on one’s journey in Hong Kong by Ludwig Favre. From daytime till nighttime, he’s taking us through different locations where you can admire the colours of Hong Kong from its endless symmetry to its famous neon street lights. This series is inspiring enough to give that desire to pack your bags, your camera and book your next photo adventure. Don’t you think? Behind this photo series, we have the work from Ludwig Favre who is a photographer based in Paris, France. Definitely follow his Behance, he has a variety of different projects to get inspired from photography to architecture. Project Gallery More Links Check out Ludwig Favre’s site: ludwigfavre.com Check out Ludwig on Behance digital photography photography hong kong

Illustration & Digital Art: A Collection of my Animals

Illustration & Digital Art: A Collection of my Animals AoiroStudio Jun 13, 2017 An illustration and digital art dedicated to animals with a creative thinking and of course simplicity with a flair in its execution. Sure, why not! They are quite lovely and they seem to individually tells a story and between each one of them. Designed by Daniel Taylor who is a freelance artist from Budapest. We are welcomed with a stylish art that is mixed with different mediums and techniques. What do you guys think? danieltaylor.huDaniel Taylor is a freelance artist based in Budapest, Hungary. Working mainly in digital art, illustration and of course art direction, Daniel’s work is fun and dreamy at the same time. We advice you to follow him on Behance. Photo Gallery More Links Check out Daniel’s site at danieltaylor.hu Make sure to follow Daniel on Behance digital art illustration