I have decide to step my Design Blog game up. You can expect to see anything from art to entrepreneurship to UX design in this blog. You may even begin to see video blogs! Keekee360 Design is a full service graphic & web design and development company located in Huntsville, Al offering custom graphic design services. I’m really loving Tedx right now. But the Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world.

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Berlin Interiors – Architecture Photography

Berlin Interiors – Architecture Photography abduzeedo Nov 17, 2016 Berlin Interiors is a photography project shared by Thibaud Poirier and by the title you have an idea what it is about. The only difference is that Thibaud captured some insanely beautiful photos of interiors in Berlin that look like 3D renders. I am a fan of photography and have been trying to capture photos of buildings and textures however I have to admit, I don’t have the eye that these guys have. The compositions, textures and colors are beautiful. I won’t tell you much more, just check out after the break. Thibaud is a self taught photographer living in Paris. He is fascinated by architecture and urban environments. For more information check out http://www.thibaudpoirier.com/ Architecture Photography digital photography architecture

A Movie Poster A Day

A Movie Poster A Day AoiroStudio Oct 25, 2016 It’s been quite some time we last heard or seen any interesting 365 days project on Abduzeedo. We might think that designers and artists might go for a simpler route to do lettering, typography, motion or else. Some designers decided to go on another route, right to the core at making posters. Let’s take a closer look to the work of Peter Majarich and his very catchy 365 days project entitled: A Movie Poster A Day that you can follow his progress via Tumblr. The goal is easy, design a movie poster each and every day of 2016. We’ll showcase some of our favourite ones and there is a lot to choose from. Pete has done a tremendous job and let’s follow him for this last stretch! I’m designing a movie poster every day for 2016.   More information: http://amovieposteraday.tumblr.com. 365 everydays movie posters

Bad Neon – Poster Series

Bad Neon – Poster Series AoiroStudio Nov 18, 2016 This poster series has a lot of great elements that we love on Abduzeedo, first of all we’ve always been fan of everything related with the word: neon. Posters always have been one of our first love of design way before everything went digital with UI, UX, Interfaces and etc. Let’s take a closer look at the work of Tarek Okbir who is a graphic designer currently based Liège, Belgium. Other than focusing his work on UI/UX and Interface design, Tarek created his amazing poster series about very popular artists. As he called it the Music Edition, you can recognize artists such as Lana Del Rey, Alicia Keys and more. Hope you will like it! Hello, here are some illustrations I worked on, part of my Bad Neon project. In order: Stromae, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore, M.I.A, Alicia Keys, Drake, Lana Del Rey More information: http://www.fnkfrsh.be. digital art posters graphic design illustration

Lovely Facebook Gift Concept

Lovely Facebook Gift Concept AoiroStudio Oct 25, 2016 We’ve featured a lot of concepts on Abduzeedo, some of them are plain redesign and others are intuitively well-thought-out ideas. For example, let’s take a closer look at the work of Jay Lee who is a UI designer currently based in Seoul, Korea. He took a lovely approach at introducing a concept on Facebook where you’ll be able to send gifts to your friends or families. Everything will be accessible through mobile coupons or entering shipping information for deliveries. I can’t help to think and enjoy how his user flow really works and that is a great idea and it might work pretty well on Facebook. What do you think? Would you like to send gifts through Facebook Messenger? It’s just my personal concept design project. Facebook Gift can send your heart to gift immediately when like a birthday or anniversaries of your friends. It can be accessed from Facebook Messenger app and Facebook app. Also it is recommend to the suitable gift as taste of friends. Demo     More information via Behance. concept facebook UI/UX

Lincer Branding

Lincer Branding abduzeedo Sep 30, 2016 When it comes to branding and visual identity there’s much more than just a logo, you have to think about a system of materials that will support the visual identity needs of a company or service. Lincer is a startup that works with companies from different sectors to promote improvements in workflow, keeping the focus of the company’s experts in their core business. The role of Typedstudio was to develop all visual and naming the brand reflecting a business vision company that brings innovative proposition to the market. Lincer is a project share by Carlos Nogueira, a creative director based in Grenoble, France. For more information about his work check out: http://www.typedstudio.com/ Branding project   branding visual identity

Valaire – Set Design Case Study

Valaire – Set Design Case Study AoiroStudio Nov 18, 2016 Let’s change the gear a little on Abduzeedo, how about some set inspiration? That’s a very rare term used on the blog, what is it? Also known as scenic design, an actually term would be stage design for many purposes either is for a theatrical representation, movie or even picture for this case. This project we are sharing is a collaboration of fellow Montrealer designers to create an album for a very famous local singer. Just by looking at the results, first of all I just fell in love of the non-use of CGI on this project, the fact they people are actually working with their hands is always well received where to gain a certain style or result where there isn’t any shortcuts available. By looking at the image result and what went through the process; I would recommend to you guys to watch that video. Art Direction in collaboration with Karim Charlebois-Zariffa and set production for Valaire’s Oobopopop album cover. The Making   Credits   Karim Charlebois-Zariffa Francis Dakin-Côté Caravane Studio Frederic Bouin Jean-Constant Guigue Scottie Cameron Alexandre D’Avignon More on the project via Behance. interior design Typography… Read More»

Stylish Furniture Design by Luis Branco

Stylish Furniture Design by Luis Branco abduzeedo Oct 27, 2016 Luis Branco is a product and furniture designer from Viana do Castelo, Portugal. While checking Behance for some inspiration I ended up in his profile page and was amazed by his work, especially the consoles, sideboard and cabinets that share a beautiful and modern look. The Corbusier and Oslo are classic examples of this iconic modernist style. As a fan of product and industrial design, I had to share some of his work. I also started sketching some ideas for my sideboard project. Nothing more exciting than building a piece of furniture 🙂 Back to basics, to the times where things were simple and timeless built to last. Craftsmanship, handled with knowledge and care. Furniture design   For more information check out Luis Branco’s Behance profile. product design furniture design

Beautiful Motion Design for Auto UI

Beautiful Motion Design for Auto UI abduzeedo Oct 27, 2016 Gleb Kuznetsov shared some quite beautiful motion design projects for Automotive UI. on his Dribbble page. They seem to be for the new Fantasy Auto Lab project done by the amazing people over at Fantasy, a Human-centered UI & UX studio based in New York and Silicon Valley. One of the reasons I thought it would be cool to share this projects is because it has a Tron look, quite different from what we have been seeing since flat design, if that is even a style, became popular. There’s much more to love than just the style. The animations and details are top notch and make me want to see the full project. Auto UI – Motion Design Gleb Kuznetsov is a design director with 15+ years of experience in product design, User interfaces, Usability area including automotive, mobile OS, Apps, Web, TV, Ecosystems, more than 500 B2C projects. For more information check out http://fantasy.co/ motion design auto

How to Share Your Google Analytics in Read-Only Mode

If you’re eager to make the most out of your Google Analytics data, but just aren’t sure how to set it up without giving away your passwords, here’s what you do. (NOTE: You must have Manage Users permission to do this.) 1. Sign in to your Analytics account. 2. Select the “Admin” tab and go to the desired account/property/view. 3. In the VIEW column, click User Management. 4. Under “Add permissions for,” enter keekee360design@gmail.com. 5. Select the “Read & Analyze” permission 6. Select Notify this user by email to send a notification to each user you’re adding. 7. Click Add. Remember, you can change permissions for a user at any time. Would you like for us to take a look at your web performance and make suggestions?

QBC dance studio – UI/UX Design

QBC dance studio – UI/UX Design abduzeedo Oct 31, 2016 QBC dance studio is a branding and UI/UX design project designed by Alexander Shmelev. The project was published quite a few months ago but I decided to feature it because more and more I see projects sharing the same visual language. The usage of vertical text, the presence of a grid but with the elements breaking a bit the uniformity of the composition are just a few things that make this design interesting. Of course there’s the beautiful imagery. I don’t know how well it works but the visual design of the static mocks look quite inspiring. Alexander is a graphic and web designer from Moscow, Russia. For more information make sure to check out his Behance page. UI/UX design UI/UX web design