I have decide to step my Design Blog game up. You can expect to see anything from art to entrepreneurship to UX design in this blog. You may even begin to see video blogs! Keekee360 Design is a full service graphic & web design and development company located in Huntsville, Al offering custom graphic design services. I’m really loving Tedx right now. But the Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world.

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App Design: inMuseum Experience App

App Design: inMuseum Experience App AoiroStudio Jan 16, 2017 This Weekend, I was able to enjoy a free admission at the MBAM (Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal) and go through its art exhibits filled with beautiful pieces. During my walk, I thought about my own experience and how we can enhance it especially knowing with the possibilities of technology nowadays. We are featuring a project with Ekrem Ates and Muzaffer Akay and their inMuseum App. What I adore the most about this project is not the UI but the part where they show the phase beyond the structure of the experience. I also liked their approach of making the UI based on cards for responsiveness, also with usability and mobile gestures. Published on Behance  by Ekrem Ates and Muzaffer Akay who are designers based in Istanbul, Turkey. Superb work about what they have done on making inMuseum app where you can facilitate your own experience and mostly at your own pace. Credits Ekrem Ates Muzaffer Akay app design ui design UI/UX

Product Design: Fitbit Charge 2 by Dan Clifton

Product Design: Fitbit Charge 2 by Dan Clifton AoiroStudio Jan 17, 2017 We would like to share this beautiful product design called: Fitbit Charge 2 that we’ll be reviewing on Abduzeedo and that will be online soon. For now, let’s take a closer look at the work of Dan Clifton and his design for the Fitbit Charge 2. I would like to mention that this product is gorgeous by its looks and it’s quite comfortable to wear. From the little dots from the bracelet and how easy it is to change your band. It’s quite a product and hope you will enjoy it too. Dan Clifton  is a tremendous talented industrial designer based in San Francisco, USA. Dan has worked with the Fortune 100 companies and designed products that we interact and all use every day. I personally use the Fitbit Charge 2 and it’s a beautiful product that makes you feel that you’re in the future, from all the little details. product design industrial design design

Illustration Process: I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door

Illustration Process: I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door abduzeedo Feb 03, 2017 I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door is an illustration created by Jennifer Hom. She was very kind to share with us a little bit of her illustration process from the main goal of the project, to sketches to the final design. It’s always wonderful to see that step by step, especially from an incredible illustrator like Jennifer. I hope you enjoy it and make sure to get one of the prints at: http://jenniferhom.bigcartel.com/product/i-lift-my-lamp-beside-the-golden-door Illustration Process by Jennifer Home Through all the changes in America over the last several weeks, it is clear that the country needs to remain true to our spirit. Immigration is the heart of this land and I wanted to do what little I can to protect it. What started as a way cope turned into something that I hope will help support the American Civil Liberties Union. I will donate all profits from the sale of this piece to the ACLU. Sketches Like all my concept sketches, this is a nearly indecipherable color pencil drawing. I knew I wanted to feature the Statue of Liberty because of my own mother’s love for… Read More»

Illustration: The Dark Knight Trilogy by Krzysztof Domaradzki

Illustration: The Dark Knight Trilogy by Krzysztof Domaradzki AoiroStudio Jan 18, 2017 We are sharing an illustration poster series about Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy by Krzysztof Domaradzki. I have been a huge fan of this trilogy because it’s a modern take of what Batman could have been in our times. With Christopher Nolan genius direction, it’s a trilogy that was truly memorable filled with so many great moments of cinematography. Along those lines, Krzysztof’s work on this illustration sets the tone right with its monochromatic colour scheme. Krzysztof Domaradzki  is a talented artist, designer and illustrator based in Poznań, Poland. We’ve featured his work before on Abduzeedo and it has always been a stunning combination of various mediums of drawing, typography, graphic design and of course illustration. In his Words The concept stage was a long and exhausting process. I knew from the very start that I wanted to keep the trilogy black and white (I think that the monochromatic color scheme really fits the character and the dark, moody tone of Nolan’s films ). It took several attempts to find the right balance between the story and the characters. I was first approached in 2014 to do a… Read More»

Everyday Miniature life by Tatsuya Tanaka

Everyday Miniature life by Tatsuya Tanaka GisMullr Jan 19, 2017 Do you like photography and miniature scenes? You have come to the right place. And you will certainly enjoy Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka’s work. He creates inspiring and intricate everyday life scenes in a miniature world. A place where broccoli becomes a huge tree. A world where tiny men operate sushi trains and much more. From skiing to meetings, swimming in a guitar to food markets, the artist has an unique style to portray daily things. Since 2011 Tatsuya has an ongoing project called Miniature Calendar. Miniature Calendar is a project where he portrays everyday life scenes depicted in diorama style. He updates his website daily with new pictures. The small worlds that he creates are filled with creativity, humor and personality. The images will totally take you on a trip through a tiny parallel universe. I love the idea that the artist updates his website daily. Creating all of this scenes surely requires a lot of creativity. Doing it daily? Kudos to Tatsuya. The way he comes up with all the details and scenarios is mind blowing. From now on I’m pretty sure you will start to see broccoli,… Read More»

Design Books: Suggestions for the New Year

Design Books: Suggestions for the New Year abduzeedo Jan 10, 2017 This week is the second or first, in my case, week of work in 2017. With every new year there’s a lot of resolutions made, areas that we want to improve or things we want to change. I feel that for me I want just to focus on less and the practice of minimalism. For that reason I am also trying to focus more on design books rather than just online. I am trying to savor the information a bit more instead of gobbling up everything I might think will be inspiring or useful. Most of the time that ends up not being the case, but just the fear of missing out, resulting in a pile of articles to read or links that, without context, have little to no value. So, for this post I will highlight a few design books that are on my list for 2017. Some I have already in my library, others I might purchase along the way. The books are about design, branding, photography, interface and topics that we try to cover here on the blog. Design Books Designing Design Representing a new generation of designers in Japan,… Read More»

Wallpaper of the Week – The Cathedral

Wallpaper of the Week – The Cathedral AoiroStudio Feb 27, 2017 Following up our comeback with the Wallpaper of the Week series, it’s crazy to imagine there’s more than 350+ wallpapers available to download for your different screen resolutions. Things have changed ever since so we decided to change the formula, each week we’ll try our best to publish one of our own pictures as a challenge. Let us know of your thoughts or suggestions so we can adjust for future endeavors. For this week’s wallpaper, we are sharing this image by Fabio Sasso during his Sunday Exploration for this spot named: The Cathedral of Christ the Light located in Oakland, California. Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP and more. You just can’t ignore the superb ceiling, truly stunning! This wallpaper is available on desktop and mobile. You can download the wallpaper and for more you can follow Fabio on Instagram. wallpaper of the week wallpapers wallpaper

How Branding Requires One to be Different

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In a world where marketing businesses happen left and right, which strategy will help a brand stand out from the rest? Marketers are busy coming up with strategies that will work and convert their efforts into sales. And as small businesses face more and more challenges to reach their target market, consumers too continue to look for something different and refreshing. That is why companies persist in providing variety and a unique perspective. To go a different route in marketing requires taking risks. As a marketer, you have to understand the challenge of being creative and quick in promoting your ideas. It’s a dog eat dog world, and brands sprouting like mushrooms everywhere could die just as quick. That’s because too often, business owners try to be like everyone else when, in reality, being successful regarding making a dent in the industry you are in means standing out. Here are examples of brands that did things differently and are now experiencing the payoffs of their strategies. Uber What kickstarted in 2009 with just $200,000 in seed funding is now a multi-billion dollar company that provides commuters from all across the globe an alternative to the usual taxi transportation. By downloading… Read More»

Font Family Set: Cartel Deux

Font Family Set: Cartel Deux AoiroStudio Jan 10, 2017 We are sharing this beautiful font family set with lots of goodies as well by Firman Suci Ananda called: Cartel Deux. It’s a lovely typographic set with a script and serif style for your next display or title designs. Personally I am always being a bit too skeptical with script font because there is always some letters that you just aren’t happy about but this set is quite working out pretty well as a whole. Hope you will enjoy it as well. Firman Suci Ananda  is a freelance UI designer based in Medan, Indonesia. Firman has worked with a different range of projects and you can also find his work on Creative Market at making full set of font families. Following this feature, you can also buy the set here. Cartel Deux is a new typeface by Cartel Deux™. It’s the combinations fonts include a script and bold style and also have a different style between Smooth & Sharp Script. To complete the set of fonts, Cartel Deux offers 5 style in the family. font script font Typography

Interaction Design: Fangry Food Mobile App

Interaction Design: Fangry Food Mobile App AoiroStudio Jan 09, 2017 We would like to share this interesting project of an app called: Fangry Food, it is a cooking app with the geniality of telling the app what’s in your fridge so they can come up with a range of recipes depending on the difficulty, popularity, calories and etc. It’s quite a great idea actually and I do feel that the interaction design behind the app is intuitive and easy-to-follow. I have some questions raising up while scanning this project like how mostly the backend can respond to all the variety of elements of food that exist for example or how does it come up with different cooking steps depending on your ingredients. I loved the detail of having the button: Order Pizza, that was hilarious. Artkai Design Studio  is a studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine. With a talented team of designers, creative director and UI/UX, it’s really great to see them creating and making something quite useful for our quick daily routines full of things where sometimes food comes last. When you are hungry you don’t want to waste your time. Neither do we. Jump in quickly to the app.… Read More»