I have decide to step my Design Blog game up. You can expect to see anything from art to entrepreneurship to UX design in this blog. You may even begin to see video blogs! Keekee360 Design is a full service graphic & web design and development company located in Huntsville, Al offering custom graphic design services. I’m really loving Tedx right now. But the Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world.

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Google Doc features That You Need to Know!

Have you ever tried Google Docs? If your answer is No, then this blog post is a must read for you as it will help you in understanding how to use Google Docs without any hassles. If you want to explore a better version of Microsoft Word, Google Docs is recognized as the world’s most popular online word processors. Believe it or not, but Online Google Documents has undeniably changed the way one works. From working in the real-time to collaborating with your team or business clients, Google Docs comes with impressive features that you will go gaga over. Do you know, how? Through this blog post, I am sharing some exciting yet powerful features of Google Documents that will definitely enrich your overall work experience. To access Google Documents, all you need is a Google Account, and if you don’t have one, then you have to create the one to discover never tried features.   Features: Google Docs I’ve compiled a list of impressive features that will help you use Google Docs to its full potential. Here’s the list! #1 Work via different Templates Click on Google “Docs home icon” to view various template options for creating unique documents.… Read More»

Useful Design Tool: WebGradients.com

Useful Design Tool: WebGradients.com AoiroStudio Feb 28, 2017 Tools, I think we are having the luxury of a huge range of variety of tools to increase your productivity in your workflow as a designer and even as a developer. With having a huge quantity of tools, it’s hard to handpicked which one could work best for you but to actually try them. Here’s a starter if you’re into having a handy and useful design tool and palette of gradients, meet WebGradients.com. WebGradients.com is a simple and useful tool for designers and developers. Most particularly about gradients, you can grab a CSS code for each colour, a PNG image and by also download a Sketch/PSD file. Make sure to check it out!   tools gradient design tool

Motion Title Design: NBC Hero Logo

Motion Title Design: NBC Hero Logo AoiroStudio Feb 28, 2017 We would like to share this motion title design work by Lost Project for NBC. The famous logo was created in the 40s, we were first introduced to that we see (with little iterations) nowadays by the end of the 80s. The spectrum of colours are quite memorable and Lost Project’s work also makes a beautiful tribute to the original core by keeping a modern twist. Lost Project is a design director named Craig Stouffer based in Los Angeles, California. He focus his work into art direction, branding and of course motion graphics. You may have recognized his work from the titles like Jason Bourne, Netflix Shows like Narcos, Cannabis and more. Motion title design

Goals that Every Small Business Owner Must Set for 2017

The beginning of the year is a perfect time for business owners to evaluate their previous results. What needs to be in the focus of this recapitulation is the quality of collaboration with your business partners. In addition to that, debt management is also important, as well as the analysis of employees’ productivity. Also, you should start setting your new goals, simultaneously with the assessment of the business results in the year behind you. Those complementary actions will generate some fresh ideas for the year before you. So, here are some important goals every SMB-owner should set for 2017. Determine the milestones If your team leaders and managers don’t have a clear orientation, they won’t be able to achieve the goals you’re planning. Also, you’ll agree that it’s easier to walk a long distance in several smaller stages. This is why it’s essential to bring a set of milestones for your business in 2017. You can start with general plans for every month. Then, at the beginning of each month, hold meetings with team leaders, to bring detailed monthly and weekly plans, as well as some additional milestones within those plans. In addition to that, establish them in collaboration with… Read More»

Product Design and UI/UX: iPhone 8 Concept

Product Design and UI/UX: iPhone 8 Concept AoiroStudio Mar 02, 2017 It’s that time of the year where a lot of tech blog/news would share their rumours about the next iPhone. With the fact that Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, most of us are kind of eager what they will come up with. Bezels? Tiny bezels or none? Let’s take all the features aside, let’s take a look at this product design by Moe Slah’s iPhone Concept and what was his direction for the UI/UX. I really enjoyed his refined design with an updated iOS 10 UI and think it will be greatly received by everyone. In all honesty, I wish Apple will come up with a total overhaul of their iOS that gotten quite old to use every single day. Published via Behance, Moe Slah is a digital creative director based in Alexandria, Egypt. With more than 10 years experience in the design field, Moe has also a background in business administration and management information systems. He wears also many hats from also being a Behance Ambassador and worked with International companies in USA, Canada, Australia and more. product design UI/UX concept iphone

Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski

Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski GisMullr Apr 19, 2017 Pawel Kuczynski is a polish artist who creates amazing satirical illustrations. When you first look at the illustrations you think they are funny. On a closer look you actually realize that they are much deeper. Pawel illustrates some pretty serious world problems. He portrays political, social and cultural issues we deal with daily. Pawel certainly uses his illustrations to show us in a pretty straight forward way what is wrong with our world today. Too much social media time, internet, political craziness. It is all portrayed here, take a look. Pawel’s work is highly recognized and the artist has been rewarded with more than 100 prizes and distinctions. His take on world’s problems is certainly thought provoking. Take a look. Take your time to check each illustration and think about it. Make sure to visit his Instagram for more artworks. And if you want to know more about each image, visit his Facebook. Enjoy! I was born in 1976 in Szczecin. I have graduated Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with specialization in graphics. Since 2004 I deal with satirical illustration, and so far I have been rewarded with more than 100… Read More»

Editorial Design: Ting™ Branding

Editorial Design: Ting™ Branding AoiroStudio Mar 03, 2017 As you may know that we love personal projects on Abduzeedo, it’s a great way to keep you mind inspired and giving you a balance in your daily workflow. It’s also a great way to experiment ideas and concepts. We would like to share this editorial design by Mohammed Samir and his personal series of magazines called: Ting Studio. Published via Behance is the work from Mohammed Samir who is a Lead Designer at BBDO based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I really enjoyed this background in Illustration and integrating it into branding and graphic design projects. This is a personal project I created to start a series of magazines under “Ting studio” name. The series will start visually with the exploration of the living creatures motion and the relation between it and the human behavior. Both graphical interpretation and photography are being used in all the magazine versions. It will include also sections about the traditional visual art subjects like typography but with a new graphical interpretation. editorial design graphic design

Industrial Design: Nintendo Switch VR Concept

Industrial Design: Nintendo Switch VR Concept AoiroStudio Feb 10, 2017 Recently, we witness the launch of Nintendo’s latest with their new console named: Switch. With the trend about VR, what if Nintendo took the turn into this technology? What it will look like? Will it stand against the competition? Well, Antoine Beynel took a stab at a industrial design concept and let’s give it a look. Inspired by the Nintendo Switch, we can see how this could actually work with what will be on the market soon. What do you think? Published on Behance , we are taking a look at the work from Antoine Beynel. He is an industrial designer currently based in Seattle, WA, USA. He specialized his work on industrial design, product design and branding; his work has been recognized by many awards like the CES innovation award and more. industrial design product design nintendo

Weekly Roundup: iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Rumour, BeatsX and more

Weekly Roundup: iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Rumour, BeatsX and more AoiroStudio Feb 12, 2017 We all had a long week of work, school and maybe vacation (some of us) and after spending some time relaxing with family, friends; we’ll mostly spend be ready to tackle a new week. Before you do, it’s time for the Weekly Roundup where we curated our some of the interesting things that happened on the Web either it is news, a new tool to try, a cool video and some sites inspiration that caught on attention. We’ll also include some Abduzeedo articles from the past week just in case that you’ve missed them. Time to sit back, see what you’ve missed and gear up for the next one. If you do have any suggestions, send us an email or via Twitter @AoiroStudio From the Web Study: No one really likes to look at your selfies via TheNextWeb Dating app ‘Sapio’ matches singles based on intelligence level via TheNextWeb Apple reportedly going all in with wireless charging for the iPhone 8 via TheNextWeb Apple is reportedly gunning to introduce an iris scanner to the iPhone 8 via TheNextWeb The Startup Button via Product Hunt One button,… Read More»

Packaging design and branding: Endorfina

Packaging design and branding: Endorfina abduzeedo Feb 13, 2017 Endorfina is a packaging design, branding and graphic design project shared by Łobzowska Studio on their Behance profile. There are a lot of things to highlight about this beautiful project but I will try to focus my comments on the visual design. The mix of paint brush texture with simple typography against it is quite elegant. The font looks like to be Futura and it works quite elegantly in this context, especially because the brush strokes really add a lot depth to the design. The package was designed for chocolate with olives and herbs, quite a mix I had to say but visually they definitely look delicious. Credits: Graphic design: Marysia Markowska, Karolina Pamuła Package shape: Magdalena Falkiewicz Photography: Aleksander Karkoszka Packaging design and branding packaging design branding