I have decide to step my Design Blog game up. You can expect to see anything from art to entrepreneurship to UX design in this blog. You may even begin to see video blogs! Keekee360 Design is a full service graphic & web design and development company located in Huntsville, Al offering custom graphic design services. I’m really loving Tedx right now. But the Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world.

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Wallpaper of the Week – Sunset Waves

Wallpaper of the Week – Sunset Waves AoiroStudio Dec 12, 2016 Following up our comeback with the Wallpaper of the Week series, it’s crazy to imagine there’s more than 350+ wallpapers available to download for your different screen resolutions. Things have changed ever since so we decided to change the formula, each week we’ll try our best to publish one of our own pictures as a challenge. Let us know of your thoughts or suggestions so we can adjust for future endeavors. For this week’s wallpaper, we are sharing this image by Fabio Sasso during his last Sunday photowalk where he’s been given some free time to just explore his surroundings and taking pictures with his camera Sony RX1R II. A beast hardware with a 42MP Full-Frame Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor. This wallpaper is available for mobile and desktop.   You can download the wallpaper and for more you can follow Fabio on Instagram. wallpaper of the week wallpapers wallpaper

Industrial Design and Branding of Moggie

Industrial Design and Branding of Moggie abduzeedo Dec 13, 2016 Moggie is a smart collar for cats with an incredible industrial design aligned with a beautiful software for smartphones. When I saw this project shared by Yuri Lence on Behance, first I thought, that is a good looking product but I didn’t know what it was about. Looked like a fitness tracking. After checking the details I finally learned that it was a movement tracker for cats. It’s amazing to think that we live in a time that we can have this kind of technology available not only for us but for our beloved little pets. Industrial design and Branding Yuri Lence is a product designer and design director from Kyiv, Ukraine. He is also the co-founder of Moggie. For more information check out https://www.behance.net/lence industrial design branding

Graphic Design: Wrapping Papers

Graphic Design: Wrapping Papers abduzeedo Dec 14, 2016 It’s the holiday season and it’s very common to exchange gifts during this time due to Christmas. We all love to get presents and our excitement to open the it to see what we get makes us most of the times forget about the wrapping paper. Maria Giemza shared an awesome graphic design project with some beautiful illustrations for wrapping papers on her Behance profile. I love the style of the work and how simple it looks but still preserving the elegance. I know we don’t post that many graphic design work, but this one deserves the feature.. This year I made two series of wrapping papers, one with circus patterns (performing acrobats and mimes) and the other with x-mas patterns (Santas loosing presents and people chopping Christmas trees). Graphic design Maria Giemza is a freelance illustrator currently based in Berlin. Always curious to talk and develop new projects. For more information check out http://mariagiemza.com/ graphic design illustration

#Happy10Abduzeedo – InVision Giveaway

#Happy10Abduzeedo – InVision Giveaway AoiroStudio Dec 20, 2016 This month, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Abduzeedo. This is very special to us, Fabio Sasso created the blog as a side-project after he lost everything from a robbery back in 2006. It was in his way for him to backup files but also bookmark things he liked and inspired him. Since then his work has been used, shared and featured many times but beyond all, his goal was to inspired us to create and make more. That’s the philosophy and minset of Abduzeedo that will always lives on. To end this anniversary in GRAND, we would like to thank you guys as the kind folks from InVision are treating us with one of the most awesome giveaways we ever shared on the blog. Let’s find out and the best of luck! I never imagined or planned to get to 10 years. I started the blog after my studio got robbed and I lost everything. After that day I tried to focus on the present more than ever, life is too unpredictable and we can get frustrated if something happens that weren’t in our plans. That happened to me, it… Read More»

Celebrating a decade of Abduzeedo

Celebrating a decade of Abduzeedo abduzeedo Dec 21, 2016 Abduzeedo celebrates 10 years this week. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact date, the first post seems to be dated December 21st, however there are pages that seem to date back a bit earlier. That doesn’t really matter for me because the most important thing is the fact that it’s been a decade. In the tech world this is really a milestone for a design blog. You all probably have heard the reasons I started the blog, so I won’t spend too much time on that. I will focus on the learnings over the past 10 years. I  will also try to highlight the mistakes, as those, in my opinion, are the responsible factors of learning. Beginning I started the blog after my design studio got robbed in Brazil. It was a very difficult situation to go through, in my case it was amplified by the fact that it was the day I coincidentally decided to backup my files and had taken my external hard drives to work. As a result, I truly lost everything including all the equipment we had in our studio. That event prompted us to question ourselves on… Read More»

Product Design: Listener’s Playlist

Product Design: Listener’s Playlist abduzeedo Dec 22, 2016 Listener’s Playlist is a product design project shared by Anzi. It started on Facebook as a group where friends would share their favorite music. It evolved to a complete app that uses SoundCloud API. There’s also a lot to love in terms of design, very minimal and simple with huge focus on the content. In addition, I could highlight the bold typography. It’s quite elegant and despite the fact I don’t like the hamburger menu, the design of that screen is quite beautiful. Another detail that adds a lot of value is the sound waves animation that divides the content. It was quite clever and adds those little moments of delight that captivates user’s attention. Product Design About the designer Anzi . is an art director from Seoul, South Korea. For more information check out http://anzi.kr/ UI/UX web design

uSound – Branding

uSound – Branding AoiroStudio Dec 26, 2016 Currently working with a client on a redesign and surfing around for inspiration as part of the process. I stumbled across this very nice project about a redesign and what interests me the most is about the before and after from the previous logo. I do agree that a design is never finished and it’s the same feeling with a logo depending again on what is the purpose. It changes with time, I mean no matter how long sometimes it’s great to give a refresh. Let’s take a look at the work from Hermes Mazali who is a graphic designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I really love the colour palette on this project, what do you think? uSound is an app that allows you to boost your hearing. It is specially designed for people with hearing loss. I have developed with Luis Fasah the brand concept and the visual strategy, from its identity to the user experience. Being able to hear well is an important part of a good quality of life, uSound will enhance the way you hear, allowing you to connect with your loved ones, engage in your favorite classes… Read More»

Under Armour: SWACKET – Product Design & Photography

Under Armour: SWACKET – Product Design & Photography AoiroStudio Dec 26, 2016 I am a big fan of the brand Under Armour, in my opinion the quality of their clothing is just that good and I really do love how they innovate all the time with the performance of their material to enhance your workout or your everyday life. Also every time I looked at their latest imagery, I can’t help to notice the beautiful work from Mike Campau in collaboration with Christopher Massaro, Kristian Espinosa and 9bStudios (Yazan Malkosh, Omar Malkosh, Maram Stash, and Jessica Kim). What I do enjoy about their work is how detailed it is and you can’t almost tell the difference from a photograph. Images created for launch of Swacket for Under Armour… part sweatshirt, part jacket. Full Jackets were created CGI using Marvelous Designer, Clo 3d, and MODO. Macro details were shot in studio and post processed to match campaign. More Information: http://mikecampau.com. under armour product design cgi photography digital art

Desivero – UI/UX

Desivero – UI/UX AoiroStudio Dec 27, 2016 In our line of work, we would all wish to work for that certain dream client, I am more into believing there is no such thing as a dream client; as long as you love what you do. It might sound a little bit cheesy but It’s the way I do feel on the matter. I keep telling my clients that our job as a designer is to revamp your brand, your products AND to make famous. Again totally cheesy saying but if they are successful because of your work than it all that makes me happy at the end. Let’s take a look at the work of Andrea Montini and his project called Desivero and it’s a digital platform which offers plumbing and bathroom furniture products and services. It’s a very corporate subject but I liked Andrea’s thinking behind the hierarchy of the homepage. It’s quite informative about the brand itself, what do you think? Desivero is a digital platform which offers plumbing and bathroom furniture products and services. It’s an e-commerce platform where people can get assistance on products, like installation of products bought on the website, maintenance and repair. It’s… Read More»

Logo Designs by Sociedad Anónima

Logo Designs by Sociedad Anónima AoiroStudio Dec 28, 2016 With the year coming to an end, most of us will be publishing the work we’ve done during the past year. I stumbled across with the work from Sociedad Anónima who is a designer focusing his work into graphic design, branding and art direction based in Mexico City, Mexico. We are featuring a series of logo work that Sociedad has worked and they are quite beautiful. Playing with different approaches and style, it’s nice to see the work from different perspective. Selection of logos created during 2016. More Information: http://www.sociedadanonima.mx. logos logo design graphic design