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How to get verified on TikTok: 6 tips for success in 2024


It’s important for your brand to prove its credibility every chance it gets. With TikTok marketing, that often means getting the coveted blue checkmark added next to your username. It’s a symbol for identity verification across all social media platforms. Get the checkmark, and you’ve proven to TikTok (and your followers) that you’re the real deal.

The coveted check doesn’t appear automatically, so we’ve got six tried-and-true tips for how to get verified on TikTok.

What is TikTok verification?

TikTok verification is a process the platform uses to confirm the identity of an account owner. It appears as a blue checkmark by your username to signal to users that your account is yours, not that of an imposter, scammer or fan account. Getting verified protects your audience from getting tricked by copycat accounts.

The verified badge helps businesses and creator accounts build trust with their followers.

Screenshot of Duolingo's TikTok profile with verification

Why is TikTok verification important?

The blue checkmark may seem like a status symbol to the casual browser, but the value of TikTok verification goes far beyond this. Let’s go over some reasons why verification is important for your brand’s TikTok strategy.


Getting verified helps demonstrate your brand authority. The blue checkmark is considered a symbol of credibility on social media, and consumers are more inclined to trust brands that have it.

If a customer has the option to engage with, follow and purchase from an unverified brand or a verified competitor, they’ll likely be drawn to the verified option. By getting verified on TikTok, you make it easier for users to support your brand without hesitation.

Authenticity and trustworthiness

Because the verification process is all about proving who you are, consumers perceive creators and brands with a checkmark as more authentic and trustworthy than those without.

This also protects your account from fraud. It’s not uncommon for impersonation accounts to crop up, especially if your brand stands to make money through TikTok Shop. If a TikTok user happens upon an account impersonating your brand, the blue checkmark may be the only safety measure that keeps them from getting scammed.


A verification from TikTok tells your audience that your brand is legitimate. When you verify your business identity, you create a safer, more transparent experience for users and advertisers. Your verified business name will be displayed on all your content and under ads shown to customers.

Audience and engagement growth

Getting verified on TikTok can help your account grow faster. Some people believe that verified accounts are prioritized on TikTok’s For You page (FYP). If this rumor is true, getting verified could expand your reach, helping you get more views quickly.

Even if your content isn’t prioritized on the FYP because of your verification status, the enhanced brand authority, credibility and trustworthiness will influence more people to follow and engage with your account.

6 tips on how to get verified on TikTok

You understand why being verified is so important. But how do you get verified on TikTok?

1. Focus on content creation

The first thing you need to do is create content consistently. No one gets verified on day one—you have to prove that you’re worthy. So brainstorm unique TikTok video ideas, put together a content strategy and publish on a regular basis.

Consistent content creation can lead to consistent follower growth, which can act as evidence of your account’s notability during the verification process.

Create TikToks daily and pay attention to the ones that tend to get the most engagement. Creating more videos like that is probably going to be your best bet when growing your account, especially when it comes to our next point.

2. Create a viral video

If you want to get verified on TikTok, it helps to go viral. Going viral on TikTok means creating a video that shows up on many users’ For You page, generating hundreds of thousands of likes and views. This not only helps grow your account but also lets TikTok know you’re creating great content that users love. Focusing on creating content that generates engagement, hopping on popular trends and participating in challenges can also increase your chances of going viral.

Of course, there’s no specific method for achieving virality. For the most part, it’s about getting lucky or putting out the right piece of content at the right time. If you remain consistent with quality content, your hard work will pay off.

3. Get verified on other social media platforms

TikTok wants to make sure it’s being smart about its verification process, so they’ll often check if users’ other social media profiles are verified. This means you want to start the verification process on platforms like Facebook, Instagram‌ and X (formerly known as Twitter) before moving on to TikTok.

If you’ve already been verified on other platforms, you have a much better chance of gaining that same status on TikTok. Check out our guides on how to get verified on other social media platforms (linked above) so that you can prove your authenticity across social.

4. Get media coverage

TikTok also considers whether you’ve been featured in media coverage. Getting your TikTok account featured in an online publication is another way to let the platform know your account is worthy of verification.

So, how do you get media coverage? This all goes back to our first tip: Focus on content creation. Work with your PR team to identify ways of embedding TikTok content into existing or planned media pitches. If there’s opportunity, you can also submit videos to be featured in example roundups for industry-specific publications.

5. Work with influencers

If you want to grow your account even faster, consider working with TikTok influencers. This will help your brand reach even more users, leading to new followers and better engagement.

Start by browsing TikTok to find influencers that are resonating with your target audience. For example, a brand selling kids’ toys may reach out to parent influencers who create content about child enrichment.

Once you find your influencers, compile a list and start reaching out to them about a partnership. Many creators will include an email address for media and brand inquiries in their bio to help brands easily start the conversation. Be sure to define your budget ahead of time. According to the 2024 Influencer Marketing Report, nearly half (47%) of influencers charge between $251 and $1,000 per post.

A data visualization breaking down the average rates for influencer posts. Nearly half (47%) of influencers charge between $251 and $1,000 per post.

When you find the right influencer, work with them to create a video that’ll appeal to their audience. The 2024 Influencer Marketing Report also found that influencers resoundingly prefer to create short-form video for brand partnerships. The more their video resonates with their audience, the better chance you have of growing your account and reaching new customers.

Pro Tip: If you want to set a strong foundation for success, try using our influencer marketing brief template.

6. Follow TikTok’s community guidelines

Our last tip is simple: Follow the rules. If your videos are repeatedly being removed for violating community guidelines, you’ll struggle to get verified on TikTok. Stay aware of what content is acceptable and post on your best behavior.

How to request verification on TikTok

To be considered for a verified badge, you can complete a TikTok verification application. They don’t consider the number of followers or likes you have. Instead, they have a list of specific requirements:

  • Active: You’ve logged in within the last 6 months.
  • Authentic: Your account represents a real person, business‌ or entity. Businesses must use a branded email domain on their application (like and a username similar to their brand name.
  • Notable: You or your brand must be featured in multiple news sources, not including press releases and sponsored or paid media.
  • Secure: Your account must enable two-step verification and use a verified email to ensure it stays with the authentic owner.

In the past, there wasn’t a clear answer to how to apply for verification on TikTok. These days, TikTok is offering a lot more clarity on how to get verified on TikTok.  In fact, you can request verification on TikTok right from your app. Here’s how:

  1. Open your TikTok app and tap Profile at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the Menu button at the top of the Profile screen.
  3. Tap Settings and Privacy.
  4. Tap Account, then tap Verification. If you are registered as a Business Account, you can apply for business verification. If you’re registered as a Personal Account, you can apply for personal and institution verifications.

If you don’t see the option to submit a verification request in your app, you can submit one through TikTok’s online form. If you have a managed account, you can go directly to your TikTok representative to inquire about verification.

Why does TikTok remove verification?

TikTok reserves the right to remove verified badges at any time, without notice. Here are some common reasons badges are removed:

  • The account was transferred to another owner, making the verification inauthentic.
  • The username changed, which means the account owner must re-apply for verification.
  • The account type changed between business, personal or institution.
  • The account repeatedly or severely violated TikTok’s Community Guidelines and/or terms of service.

Get verified on TikTok and go viral

Engagement is key to getting verified. Start by implementing the tips shared to accelerate your path to verification. Then check out our ultimate guide on TikTok for business for new ways to reach your audience, increase your reach and go viral.

How many followers do you need on TikTok to get verified?

TikTok doesn’t look for a specific number of followers when assessing accounts for verification. They look for accounts that are active, authentic, unique and notable. For this reason, media coverage and virality are more important than follower count.

How many views do you need to get verified on TikTok?

There is no set amount of views you need to get verified.

Can a brand buy a verification badge from TikTok?

Your brand cannot buy a verification badge from TikTok. Any entity claiming to sell verifications is not affiliated with TikTok.

How much does it cost to get verified on TikTok?

TikTok doesn’t charge for verification.

Can you request to remove your verification

While you can’t request to remove your verified badge, TikTok will remove your badge if you change your username.

Do you get paid for being verified on TikTok?

You won’t get paid just for being TikTok verified. However, your verification status may help you attract brands seeking new content partners. To get compensated for your content without sponsorships, you’ll have to join TikTok’s Creator Fund.

How long does TikTok verification take?

TikTok verification can take up to a few weeks, depending on the amount of requests TikTok is receiving. As long as your account status shows “In Review”, TikTok is actively reviewing your business or identity verification documents. When your application is reviewed, you’ll get a status update via your TikTok notifications.

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